How to Race Friends and Influence People Achievement

  • How to Race Friends and Influence People



    Earn 3 stars in the 'Tristan' Chapter of the 'Born Fast' Horizon Story

    The 'Born Fast' Horizon story, firstly, can be unlocked in the Horizon Street Scene outpost ticket. It basically unlocks a series of 1-on-1 races against some stuck-up competitors across all of Mexico (they're shown on the map as a yellow icon with two helmets facing each other).

    The achievement specifically requires you finish the Tristan chapter, which is the eighth race of eight in this Horizon story. There is a disclaimer though, he'll only race you when you get into the Hall of Fame, so while you can start this super early, you will have to come back after you become a Hall of Famer to finish it off.

    The races themselves are fairly easy, so you could get three stars on them all with relative ease, although for the achievement you only need to 3-star the Tristan race - it's worth doing them all for the Accolade Points anyway. The 3-star times are super forgiving as well. I beat most of them by at least 10-15 seconds. If you're struggling, remember you can rewind as much as you want if you need to perfect some corners.

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