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    Take a photo of the 2021 Mercedes-AMG ONE for Horizon Promo

    Taking a photo here is the easiest bit (it's up on the d-pad), getting the Mercedes-AMG ONE, not so much. Why? Because it's 2.7m credits to buy. Luckily you can actually buy it and don't have to rely on RNG, but with this and some of the super expensive houses, you might have to just grind out a ton of races. Remember, the higher the difficulty too, the more credits and experience you'll earn at the end of a race.

    One hot tip though: one of the best way to get credits is from Wheelspins (and Super Wheelspins), and the best way to get them is by levelling up, but sometimes, on new cars, you can get Wheelspins from a specific car's 'Car Mastery' - AKA the skill perks for that car. If you have a load of cars and left over perk points (you'll be drowning in them before long), then look through to see whether you can get Wheelspins that way (there's also some credit tiles every so often as well).

    But yeah, take a photo of the Mercedes-AMG ONE and get this achievement.

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