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    Take 50 photos of Legendary cars for Horizon Promo

    Right, there's a little confusion here. On the achievement description says "take 50 photos of Legendary cars," while on the console it says "Take photos of 200 different cars for Horizon Promo." It seems like they changed this at the very last minute and have not updated I say that because it's actually tracking the 200 cars on my console. So, with that out the way. This one can seem a little daunting, but not if you start as soon as you start playing Forza Horizon 5.

    So, the easiest way to get this is basically: whenever you start a race, before you set off, hit up on the d-pad, bust out the camera, and take a photo of everyone on the grid. If you're changing car classes (i.e. D class to S2 class) your opposition cars will change too, and if you're changing cars, the same will happen there. As well as doing a whole host of events - off-road will have off-road vehicles, street racing will have supercars, and so on. Note the word different as well, so try not to race in the same car all the time, and also, keep an eye out for the photo symbol next to the Drivatar's name, if there's one, you've not photographed it before.

    One final tip before we move on, when you're taking the photo, click rb.png instead of button-a.png, unless you really want to save the photo, as the former doesn't have any render times, which makes everything so much quicker!
  • I photographed 235 cars before it unlocked and when it unlocked it said it was for “photographing 50 legendary cars”

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