A Forza Edition to my Collection Achievement in Forza Horizon 5

  • A Forza Edition to my Collection



    Earn a Forza Edition car from a Wheelspin or Super Wheelspin

  • How to unlock A Forza Edition to my Collection

    Folks, you're going to have to pray to "RNGsus" for this one, as the 'Forza Edition' cars are super rare - they're indicated by a grey backdrop in the Wheelspin and have 'Forza Edition' in their rarity on the car page. The only advice I can give here is: just to get as many Wheelspins as possible and hope for the best. You'll get loads as you complete Accolade objectives and level up, but as I said earlier, you can get Wheelspins from the Car Mastery screen for certain cars. Jump in a car, look at the perks and see if you can get one that way. It should be noted that as of this time of writing, in about 20 hours, I've unlocked three or four, so it shouldn't be an impossible task, just depends on how lucky you are! Hopefully you are! Regardless, good luck!

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