Chicken Dinner Achievement in Forza Horizon 5

  • Chicken Dinner



    Win your first game of The Eliminator

  • How to unlock Chicken Dinner

    Right, this one is a super tricky one! Mainly because The Eliminator is Forza Horizon's battle-royale-esque mode, which means you beating everyone else to net this achievement, which is no easy feat. Some of this will come down to luck, some will come down to skill, and of course, some of it will come from planning.

    So, first things first: the key to success here is getting the best cars as quickly as you can. That means hunting out the plumes of smokes and trying to upgrade your car (a number 2 is obviously better than a number 1). Heading towards buildings, more populated areas is likely to give you more of a chance to get a better drop. Once you have a better drop, and hopefully a better car than everyone else, then you need to go down on the hunt. If you see someone with a worse car than yours, then challenge them and hopefully eliminate them. The less competition, the better. And of course, don't forget to keep an eye out for the circle moving in and staying inside of it at all times.

    And then finally, there's the showdown stage. If you've got a fast car, you stand a much bigger advantage here. But regardless, you should adopt a risk and reward approach, in that you need to head off-road and go as the crow flies where possible. Like I said, a bit of luck, a bit of judgment, and honestly, just a shed loads of practice and patience. 

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  • There is always one isn't there? I'm never getting 1000/1000 for this game.

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