Unbeatable Triumph Achievement

  • Unbeatable Triumph



    Win 6 different Race Events against Unbeatable Drivatars

    This could have been quite easily one of the hardest achievements in the game, mainly because the 'Unbeatable' difficulty Drivatars are by far the most unpredicable and toughest out there - if you're trying to do this "legit," of course. So, if you are, basically what you need to do is perfect every corner, use the assists like driving line, breaking lines and rewind feature to dominate, but not only that, you also need to be a bit shifty and use the other drivers as objects on whatever corner where possible, and if that doesn't work, you need to find and suit up and equip the best tune setups on the best suited cars to make it happen. Remember as well, that whatever car you're in dictates what the other cars are in. So if you're in an X car, they will be too, and that could be progressively harder. Just an FYI.

    So, in short: use a load of rewinds, slam into opponents on corners, but more importantly, make sure you have the right car and the right tuning to be successful!

    With all that said though, if you don't care about doing it legit and just want it done, use the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5023 (2014), which costs a measly 100,000 credits, and use the "D Class" tuning setup from fel1993 and do a load of Cross-Country events, you can definitely succeed. You're still going to have to tussle, fight dirty and use the rewind a touch, but it's actually manageable this way. The easiest strat for me though, was the same Unimog, using FELLzilla's Cheap Season Win. It makes the Unimog a B-class, and it's always quicker than the opposition, but it is super unwieldy! What makes this work though is doing Road Races, as the other drivers will barely pass you. You just need courses with super straight roads, tight ones if possible to stop your opponenets passing and not many tight corners and you'll win. The key to the Cheap Season Win (CSW) strat is to get ahead early and block any chances to overtake!

    If you're curious what events I did this on, the 6 races were: Las Dunas Cross-Country (D Class); Grand Pantano Sprint (Cheap Season Win); Sierra Verde Sprint (CSW); Copper Canyon Sprint (CSW); Riviera Sprint (CSW) and also, hilariously, you can also use the drag races (2 of them) as well. Guaranteed win in those 2! And there you have it, achievement unlocked! Grats!

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