Living Legend Achievement

  • Living Legend



    Earn 294 stars from PR Stunts in México

    In Forza Horizon 5 there are 103 different PR events in 5 different disciplines. There are:

    31 speed traps
    22 speed zones
    20 danger signs
    20 drift zones
    10 trailblazer gates

    So, that means there are a possible 309 stars to earn. So in order to get this achievement, you need to unlock 294 of them, which is basically most of them. In short, this is gonna take a lot of time and effort, namely because you need the right tools for the job. For most of the speed zones, traps, danger signs and trailblazer gates, grab yourself a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Forza Edition 2011 and that can be maxed out to have 8.9 speed, 10 handling, 10 acceleration, 10 launch and 10 braking - that tends to do the job across the board. In fact, it can work for a lot of the drift zones too because of the sheer power and torque, but if you're struggling, try a specific drift car, like the Ford 88 Mustang RTR (2018) or the Formula Drift 64 Nissan 370Z (2018).

    There's an issue with Sesto Elemento though: it's a Wheelspin car, so fingers crossed you got lucky like me. If not, buy a Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4, as that's a beast too.

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