I Have the High Ground  Achievement

  • I Have the High Ground 



    Win 3 Rivals Events in 3 different PI Classes while driving the same car

    Right, PI Classes basically means the number assigned to the car (so, like a 999 is an X; an 850 is an S1; a 750 is an A, and so on), so once you actually understand the lingo, this achievement is a little easier to understand.

    So first things first, find yourself an A class car you really love. Then, head into the Rivals page on the pause menu (it's under online). Then pick a track, beat your "rival's" time, then head back to the garage, auto-upgrade the car to the next class, so, in this case, an S1, then rinse and repeat - it's going to cost you about 50k a level, so make sure you have the money. Quick note, if the auto-upgrade doesn't give you the option, head into "Find Tuning Setups" and see if it gives you any options - it should do. We took the A class Porsche 911 GT2 (1995) all the way to an S2 class car. Anyway! After you've done that, beat another rival's time in a different event, go back to Horizon Mexico and make the car an S2, then beat another time. Once you do that, the achievement is yours. 

    But wait, before you go, first, a valuable tip... to get this and beat your rival, it's all about clean laps. Clean laps beat non-clean laps (as indicated by an exclamation point). So, in fact, it's not even about being fast in some cases, just race clean. And by clean we mean: don't cut corners or use the rewind function. And if that doesn't work, you can choose your rival. Just go to the list (press button-y.png) and scroll down to the bottom.

    Just one point of note before we move on: it didn't unlock the first time for us, so if that happens, just keep trying different tuning setups and the three different classes on different courses and eventually it'll unlock. We're not sure whether it counts the "clean map" win, even though it says you won.

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