Ride and Seek  Achievement

  • Ride and Seek 



    Discover and drive every road in México

    Ahhhh, this old chestnut is back! Forza Horizon 5's Mexico has 578 roads you must travel their entirety before they register as completed and you can unlock this achievement. It's not actually the hardest of achievements, and if you're doing the 80 different races achievement, you'll have a lot of them already sorted by the time you get around to this, but if not, it's time to hit the map, remove all the other icons with rb.png and see which roads you still need to get. Basically, you need to turn all the roads either white or red. Main roads need to be white, and side roads need to be red. Thankfully, the achievement popped super early for us as well, when we were short of six roads, so hopefully that's the same for a lot of people. Keep an eye out for those tiny little roads that are easy to miss as well (as was the case in Horizon 4). In terms of a couple of the easy to miss ones, try here:

    - to the left of the D in Dunas Blancas (the desert to the west of Mexico)
    - to the south of the C in Cordillera (in the centre of the map)
  • Unlocked at 573/578 for me.
  • For me, unlocked 574/578

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