Complete Collection Achievement

  • Complete Collection



    Find and smash all 250 Bonus Boards in México

    This. One. Is. A. Pain. Mainly because the boards don't show up on the map unless you're near them and even when you've covered every road, and done 80 events, you still won't have them all on your map unless you've spent a lot of time exploring and going off the beaten path. Now, we don't condone this, but for around £2-3, you can buy the collectible map and have them all show up. It's honestly the easiest solution to get this achievement, to be honest, and if you're playing the game on Game Pass, you've still only spent 2 or 3 quid to play what is an excellent video game, plus, you get an achievement. Fear not though, if you don't want to pay for it, we did just for you!


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