Mogul  Achievement

  • Mogul 



    Purchase all 7 Player Houses

    There are seven houses in all to buy in Forza Horizon 5, all of which are populated around the outside of the map. If you turn off all of the other icons on the map and focus on the houses, you can see where they all are and how easy it is to buy them, but it's never that straightforward. For instance, sure, there are only seven properties to buy, but there's definitely an order to buy them in. For starters, the 2m Buenas Vistas map is priceless, especially if you want to fast travel to every single corner of the map in an instance; whereas the 5m Hotel Castillo, while being super expensive, does give you daily Wheelspins, which, as you know by now, means more monies, so that's super useful too. So yeah, honestly, it's worth saving for those two first. They're the most expensive in the game for a reason!

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