- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 44 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 9 [although you could argue the seasonal stuff is online as well - I've also included the UGC stuff in this count]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 25-50 hours actual play time; this doesn't include waiting a week for a new season [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Only Unbeatable Triumph (30G) 
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Forza Horizon 5 is the latest masterpiece in open-world racing from Playground Games. While the completion is significantly shorter than other games in the franchise, there are some achievements that are quite difficult, and are largely based on who you get matched up again in online games.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
There is no right or wrong way to approach the Forza Horizon 5 achievement list, so all I can do is offer advice: complete all the main events first (all the events on the Horizon Adventure map), as this will not only give you cars and Wheelspins along the way to help with some of the other achievements, but it'll also give you a ton of cash and you'll fly through the levels too - again, helping you with the other achievements. By the time you've done all the races in the main adventure you'll pretty much be in the Hall of Fame, and then it's just a matter of mopping up the photo achievements and the PR events. And then of course you can turn your attention to the online achievements and beating the Unbeatable Drivatars. Gulp! Good luck!

Most of Forza is just mopping up, to be honest, due to the open-world nature of the game. Definitely focus on the more offline achievements first (although you can play the whole game in co-op, so that kind of makes the whole game online) before heading online. For one, it's good practice, and two, it'll give you a nice garage of cars to compete with on multiple levels.

Forza Horizon 5, when it comes to recent Forza games, is probably the hardest (achievement-wise) for quite a few years, but it's so much fun and is bloody brilliant, so play it, enjoy it, soak up Mexico, and get some achievements along the way. Sure, winning an Eliminator and beating the Unbeatable Drivatars is a bit of a pain (without our cool, cool tips!), as can be winning races online, but whatever happens, you'll have so much fun along the way anyway, and that's what matters!
[XBA would like to thank Webb for this Roadmap]

Forza Horizon 5 Achievement Guide

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There are 53 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the On a Wing and a Prayer Showcase Event

    Pretty much straight after arriving at the Horizon Festival, the game throws you into the first Showcase event, 'On a Wing and a Prayer,' where you're racing a large plane. Complete it and the achievement is yours.
  • Arrive at Horizon Festival México

    Super straightforward, this one: just head to the Horzion Festival in the game's prologue. This will be the first achievement you unlock... Welcome to Mexico!
  • Complete any Horizon Race Event

    It's as simple as it sounds. Complete a Horizon race event, whether it's a road race, a street race, an offroad race, whatever. You'll get this one naturally, for sure... unless you're playing Forza and not racing, then we can't help you.
  • Participate in a Horizon Arcade Event

    Once you're out of the prologue, Horizon Arcade Events will pop up all over Mexico. Drive to one of these pink circles, wait until the event starts and get involved. You don't need to win it, although it's worth trying to, as you need to win 5 of them for Unlimited Prowess! (20G).
  • Unlock the first Player House

    You'll get this one naturally - and you need to unlock all seven for Mogul  (30G). All you need to do is play the story and eventually they'll take you to get a house. Super simple.
  • Purchase your first car from the Autoshow

    Go to Horizon Mexico in the bottom left corner of the map and buy a car. Buy the cheapest you can get, because for the most part, all the cars you'll ever need and more will come as race rewards or from the Wheelspin and Super Wheelspins.
    Alternatively, you can hit start, go to the 'Cars' tab, and the click 'Buy New & Used Cars' and you're transported straight to Horizon Mexico. Use this as a free fast-travel whenver you want as well too, by the way.
  • Start a new chapter of the Horizon Adventure

    Another one you'll get through natural progression, but in short: doing stuff in Forza Horizon 5 nets you 'Accolade Points' and when you reach a certain amount you get a ticket to spend in the fancy Horizon Adventure map. To get this achievement just spend that ticket on a new chapter and boom, achievement unlocked.
  • Unlock your first Horizon Finale Event

    In order to unlock the trademark 'Finale Events' - you know, like The Goliath, The Marathon, etc. - you basically need to spend all the tickets you get from the Accolade Points on one stage (Mainstage unlocks The Goliath, ). The last one, generally, is the Horizon Finale Event. Unlock it and this achievement is yours.
  • Win every Showcase Event

    Dotted through the Forza Horizon Adventure map, there will be Showcases that you can unlock. The first one, 'On a Wing and a Prayer' is unlocked early on in the Forza Horizon Adventure (it's the second one to unlock in the Mainstage category). The other three are unlocked as follows:
    • Flood, Sweat and Gears - The third ticket that needs to be unlocked in the Dirt Racing outpost line-up.
    • Buggy and the Beast - The second ticket in the Cross-Country Racing outpost line-up.
    • Catch Me If You Canyon - The second ticket in the PR Stunts outpost line-up.
    Remember, you need to win them! For the most part, the rubberbanding sets it up so you win by the narrowest of margins, so fear not, it's fairly easy.
  • Build the Horizon Wilds Outpost

    If you're playing through the Forza 'story' then there's a very good chance you'll get this anyway, but just to clear things up: if you hit start, go to the 'Campaign' tab and go down to Horizon Adventure, you'll see a map. Each ticket on the left is a different discipline, and each one unlocks a new Horizon outpost. There are five Horizon outposts (not including the default Mainstage one):

    - Horizon Apex
    - Horizon Wilds
    - Holizon Baja
    - Horizon Rush
    - Horizon Street Scene

    Each outpost has an achievement, and are unlocked with the tickets you get when you earn enough Accolade Points to level up your fame level. Super straight-forward.
  • Build the Horizon Street Scene Outpost

    See AWDyssey (10G) for how to unlock this achievement.
  • Build the Horizon Apex Outpost

    See AWDyssey (10G) for how to unlock this achievement.
  • Build the Horizon Baja Outpost

    See AWDyssey (10G) for how to unlock this achievement.
  • Build the Horizon Rush Outpost

    See AWDyssey (10G) for how to unlock this achievement.
  • Reach the Horizon Hall of Fame

    The 'Horizon Hall of Fame' isn't as hard as it sounds. In fact, it's fairly straightforward. Basically work your way through every Horizon Adventure ticket and complete every event that you unlock. Sure, you'll have to win races along the way in loads of other different disciplines to get enough Accolade Points to level up and get a ticket, but pretty much as soon as I'd finished the last event in the Adventure (you know, the map thingy), I was all but in the Hall of Fame - I think I had to do one more race.

    The simple truth is: everything in Forza Horizon 5 gets you accolade points, whether you're exploring, whether you're racing, doing PR stunts, and so on. So, play the game and this will come naturally.
  • Earn 3 stars in the 'Tristan' Chapter of the 'Born Fast' Horizon Story

    The 'Born Fast' Horizon story, firstly, can be unlocked in the Horizon Street Scene outpost ticket. It basically unlocks a series of 1-on-1 races against some stuck-up competitors across all of Mexico (they're shown on the map as a yellow icon with two helmets facing each other).

    The achievement specifically requires you finish the Tristan chapter, which is the eighth race of eight in this Horizon story. There is a disclaimer though, he'll only race you when you get into the Hall of Fame, so while you can start this super early, you will have to come back after you become a Hall of Famer to finish it off.

    The races themselves are fairly easy, so you could get three stars on them all with relative ease, although for the achievement you only need to 3-star the Tristan race - it's worth doing them all for the Accolade Points anyway. The 3-star times are super forgiving as well. I beat most of them by at least 10-15 seconds. If you're struggling, remember you can rewind as much as you want if you need to perfect some corners.
  • Earn 3 stars on all chapters in a single Horizon Story

    If you took my advice for How to Race Friends and Influence People (10G) and 3-starred all the chapters anyway, you'll already have this. If not, there are a load of stories dotted around Mexico (the yellow icons), most of which are unlocked in the Horizon Adventure map. Just 3-star everything in that story to get this. You'll want the Accolade Points and money for elsewhere anyway!
  • Complete your first Horizon Tour Race Event

    The Horizon Tour Race Event is basically Forza Horizon 5's multiplayer mode - the big green icon is below the large volcano in the north-west (La Gran Caldera). Complete an event and this achievement is yours.
  • Play any EventLab Event created by another player

    Hit start, go to the 'Creative Hub tab, and then go to EventLab. Do an event, get an achievement. Super simple. You don't even need to win it.
  • Give another player some Kudos to show your appreciation

    There are plenty of times to give another player Kudos when playing Forza Horizon 5, but by far the easiest is to get a car, go to Horizon Mexico, apply someone else's livery, and after a while you'll get a pop-up asking whether you liked it. Click like. Opportunities happen all over Forza Horizon 5 for this one, so don't sweat it too much. You'll get them after anything community made, whether it's an EventLabs thing or a community challenge, a livery, a tuner setup, and so on.
  • Take a photo of the 2021 Mercedes-AMG ONE for Horizon Promo

    Taking a photo here is the easiest bit (it's up on the d-pad), getting the Mercedes-AMG ONE, not so much. Why? Because it's 2.7m credits to buy. Luckily you can actually buy it and don't have to rely on RNG, but with this and some of the super expensive houses, you might have to just grind out a ton of races. Remember, the higher the difficulty too, the more credits and experience you'll earn at the end of a race.

    One hot tip though: one of the best way to get credits is from Wheelspins (and Super Wheelspins), and the best way to get them is by levelling up, but sometimes, on new cars, you can get Wheelspins from a specific car's 'Car Mastery' - AKA the skill perks for that car. If you have a load of cars and left over perk points (you'll be drowning in them before long), then look through to see whether you can get Wheelspins that way (there's also some credit tiles every so often as well).

    But yeah, take a photo of the Mercedes-AMG ONE and get this achievement.
  • Take 50 photos of Legendary cars for Horizon Promo

    Right, there's a little confusion here. On Xbox.com the achievement description says "take 50 photos of Legendary cars," while on the console it says "Take photos of 200 different cars for Horizon Promo." It seems like they changed this at the very last minute and have not updated Xbox.com. I say that because it's actually tracking the 200 cars on my console. So, with that out the way. This one can seem a little daunting, but not if you start as soon as you start playing Forza Horizon 5.

    So, the easiest way to get this is basically: whenever you start a race, before you set off, hit up on the d-pad, bust out the camera, and take a photo of everyone on the grid. If you're changing car classes (i.e. D class to S2 class) your opposition cars will change too, and if you're changing cars, the same will happen there. As well as doing a whole host of events - off-road will have off-road vehicles, street racing will have supercars, and so on. Note the word different as well, so try not to race in the same car all the time, and also, keep an eye out for the photo symbol next to the Drivatar's name, if there's one, you've not photographed it before.

    One final tip before we move on, when you're taking the photo, click rb.png instead of button-a.png, unless you really want to save the photo, as the former doesn't have any render times, which makes everything so much quicker!
  • Earn a Forza Edition car from a Wheelspin or Super Wheelspin

    Folks, you're going to have to pray to "RNGsus" for this one, as the 'Forza Edition' cars are super rare - they're indicated by a grey backdrop in the Wheelspin and have 'Forza Edition' in their rarity on the car page. The only advice I can give here is: just to get as many Wheelspins as possible and hope for the best. You'll get loads as you complete Accolade objectives and level up, but as I said earlier, you can get Wheelspins from the Car Mastery screen for certain cars. Jump in a car, look at the perks and see if you can get one that way. It should be noted that as of this time of writing, in about 20 hours, I've unlocked three or four, so it shouldn't be an impossible task, just depends on how lucky you are! Hopefully you are! Regardless, good luck!
  • Earn a Manufacturer Bonus

    If you unlock the vast majority of cars for a manufacturer, you'll get a Manufacturer Bonus in the 'Car Collection' screen (pause menu, Cars tab). Get that bonus, get this achievement. It's super easy, to be honest, as some manufacturers have one car to get the bonus, and those cars are like 25,000-50,000 credits. You can buy cars direct from the Car Collection screen, just hit the button-y.png button when you hover over a car (if you can buy it, of course).
  • Earn a Manufacturer Bonus for a collection of 25 or more cars 

    Here's where things get a little trickier. There are - at time of publishing - 5 manufacturers with 25 cars or more: BMW, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Ford and Porsche, but not all of those cars can be straight up purchased. In all of them you need a little Wheelspin luck, to have completed some Accolade objectives and unlocked them in events and what not. So, what does that mean? Well, you should, for starters, ignore Ford, as they have an staggering 58 cars in the game, and in order to get the Manufacturer Bonus, you need to unlock most of the cars (not all). Also, sack Porsche off too - far too expensive across the board, same with Ferrari. That leaves you with Chevrolet and BMW.

    So, basically what you need to do is play the game to death and see where you are when you reach the Hall of Fame. If you got lucky with Wheelspins for BMW over Chevrolet, then work on purchasing or waiting to Wheelspin the ones you're missing, but regardless of what happens, you might have to just pray on getting lucky. If you are one or two short though, go to the Car Collection, make a note of it, and then go to search for it on the Auction House. If it's not there, keep Wheelspinning and also looking out for it as a Season Event reward (or even buying it in the Forzathon Shop - AKA the seasonal event shop where you can spend your daily/weekly/seasonal objective currency.
  • Discover and photograph the Golden Tlaloc Totem

    If you do the Tulum Expedition (part of the Road Racing), actually photographing the Golden Tlaloc Totem is an optional objective, so just make sure you do the optional objective here and you'll net this achievement. Just ride around the ruins and you'll get an Accolade icon pop-up on the map, one of those will be the Totem.
  • Complete your first Expedition

    One of Forza Horizon 5's newest additions is what it calls 'Expeditions', which are more exploration and story-based events. There are five in all, one for each of the outposts on the Adventure page:

    - Road Racing has the Tulum Expedition
    - Dirt Racing has the Jungle Expedition
    - Cross-Country Racing has the Baja Expedition
    - Street Scene has the Guanajuato Expedition
    - PR Stunts has the Canyon Expedition

    Complete one of these and nab yourself this achievement.
  • Win your first game of The Eliminator

    Right, this one is a super tricky one! Mainly because The Eliminator is Forza Horizon's battle-royale-esque mode, which means you beating everyone else to net this achievement, which is no easy feat. Some of this will come down to luck, some will come down to skill, and of course, some of it will come from planning.

    So, first things first: the key to success here is getting the best cars as quickly as you can. That means hunting out the plumes of smokes and trying to upgrade your car (a number 2 is obviously better than a number 1). Heading towards buildings, more populated areas is likely to give you more of a chance to get a better drop. Once you have a better drop, and hopefully a better car than everyone else, then you need to go down on the hunt. If you see someone with a worse car than yours, then challenge them and hopefully eliminate them. The less competition, the better. And of course, don't forget to keep an eye out for the circle moving in and staying inside of it at all times.

    And then finally, there's the showdown stage. If you've got a fast car, you stand a much bigger advantage here. But regardless, you should adopt a risk and reward approach, in that you need to head off-road and go as the crow flies where possible. Like I said, a bit of luck, a bit of judgment, and honestly, just a shed loads of practice and patience. 
  • Fully complete a run of Super7

    Just to the south-east of the Horizon mainstage, near the Sierra Nevada Dam and to the west of the Cordillera area, you'll find a "Super7" icon. This is where you'll want to head for this achievement.

    The Super7 is basically seven community made challenge events that you need to pass, one after another (although your progress is saved so you don't need to do them in one session). These events aren't set, so if there's one you're struggling with, just reshuffle the card, basically. But yeah, super straightforward: just do all seven events and this achievement is yours.
  • Complete a Festival Playlist activity in every season

    If you hit start you'll see Festival Playlist on the main campaign tab. If you head inside there you'll see a whole host of seasonal activities to get involved in. Basically, do one of those in each season and you'll get this achievement. So yeah, considering the playlist seasons only update every week, this one will take a while. Not in terms of duration and effort, but in terms of time. Just make sure you at least dip in once a week to do your event - and get some Forza Points in the interim too!
  • Win 80 different Race Events in México

    There's no shortcut or any advice to really give here, all you need to do is actually race. And by race, we mean a lot! A few things to note:
    1. It says win, so if you have to drop the difficulty to do so, then do that.
    2. It says different, so you can't keep doing the same events over and over.
    3. The quickest races are the drag races, do them, although there aren't that many of them. It's a good way to earn monies and Accolade Points, anyway, so don't sweat this too much, just enjoy yourselves.
  • Win 6 different Race Events against Unbeatable Drivatars

    This could have been quite easily one of the hardest achievements in the game, mainly because the 'Unbeatable' difficulty Drivatars are by far the most unpredicable and toughest out there - if you're trying to do this "legit," of course. So, if you are, basically what you need to do is perfect every corner, use the assists like driving line, breaking lines and rewind feature to dominate, but not only that, you also need to be a bit shifty and use the other drivers as objects on whatever corner where possible, and if that doesn't work, you need to find and suit up and equip the best tune setups on the best suited cars to make it happen. Remember as well, that whatever car you're in dictates what the other cars are in. So if you're in an X car, they will be too, and that could be progressively harder. Just an FYI.

    So, in short: use a load of rewinds, slam into opponents on corners, but more importantly, make sure you have the right car and the right tuning to be successful!

    With all that said though, if you don't care about doing it legit and just want it done, use the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5023 (2014), which costs a measly 100,000 credits, and use the "D Class" tuning setup from fel1993 and do a load of Cross-Country events, you can definitely succeed. You're still going to have to tussle, fight dirty and use the rewind a touch, but it's actually manageable this way. The easiest strat for me though, was the same Unimog, using FELLzilla's Cheap Season Win. It makes the Unimog a B-class, and it's always quicker than the opposition, but it is super unwieldy! What makes this work though is doing Road Races, as the other drivers will barely pass you. You just need courses with super straight roads, tight ones if possible to stop your opponenets passing and not many tight corners and you'll win. The key to the Cheap Season Win (CSW) strat is to get ahead early and block any chances to overtake!

    If you're curious what events I did this on, the 6 races were: Las Dunas Cross-Country (D Class); Grand Pantano Sprint (Cheap Season Win); Sierra Verde Sprint (CSW); Copper Canyon Sprint (CSW); Riviera Sprint (CSW) and also, hilariously, you can also use the drag races (2 of them) as well. Guaranteed win in those 2! And there you have it, achievement unlocked! Grats!
  • Earn 294 stars from PR Stunts in México

    In Forza Horizon 5 there are 103 different PR events in 5 different disciplines. There are:

    31 speed traps
    22 speed zones
    20 danger signs
    20 drift zones
    10 trailblazer gates

    So, that means there are a possible 309 stars to earn. So in order to get this achievement, you need to unlock 294 of them, which is basically most of them. In short, this is gonna take a lot of time and effort, namely because you need the right tools for the job. For most of the speed zones, traps, danger signs and trailblazer gates, grab yourself a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Forza Edition 2011 and that can be maxed out to have 8.9 speed, 10 handling, 10 acceleration, 10 launch and 10 braking - that tends to do the job across the board. In fact, it can work for a lot of the drift zones too because of the sheer power and torque, but if you're struggling, try a specific drift car, like the Ford 88 Mustang RTR (2018) or the Formula Drift 64 Nissan 370Z (2018).

    There's an issue with Sesto Elemento though: it's a Wheelspin car, so fingers crossed you got lucky like me. If not, buy a Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4, as that's a beast too.
  • Win 3 Rivals Events in 3 different PI Classes while driving the same car

    Right, PI Classes basically means the number assigned to the car (so, like a 999 is an X; an 850 is an S1; a 750 is an A, and so on), so once you actually understand the lingo, this achievement is a little easier to understand.

    So first things first, find yourself an A class car you really love. Then, head into the Rivals page on the pause menu (it's under online). Then pick a track, beat your "rival's" time, then head back to the garage, auto-upgrade the car to the next class, so, in this case, an S1, then rinse and repeat - it's going to cost you about 50k a level, so make sure you have the money. Quick note, if the auto-upgrade doesn't give you the option, head into "Find Tuning Setups" and see if it gives you any options - it should do. We took the A class Porsche 911 GT2 (1995) all the way to an S2 class car. Anyway! After you've done that, beat another rival's time in a different event, go back to Horizon Mexico and make the car an S2, then beat another time. Once you do that, the achievement is yours. 

    But wait, before you go, first, a valuable tip... to get this and beat your rival, it's all about clean laps. Clean laps beat non-clean laps (as indicated by an exclamation point). So, in fact, it's not even about being fast in some cases, just race clean. And by clean we mean: don't cut corners or use the rewind function. And if that doesn't work, you can choose your rival. Just go to the list (press button-y.png) and scroll down to the bottom.

    Just one point of note before we move on: it didn't unlock the first time for us, so if that happens, just keep trying different tuning setups and the three different classes on different courses and eventually it'll unlock. We're not sure whether it counts the "clean map" win, even though it says you won.
  • Complete Round Three in all 5 Themes of Horizon Arcade

    Horizon Arcade, that pink circle that pops up all over the Mexico map, has five different disciplines, such as Drift, Wreckage, Chaos, Speed and Air Event.

    You can see what each event is if you hover over the icon (it'll say the event-type there). All you need to do for this achievement is not only play all five of them, you need to finish the third round in them too - so, 10 minutes to do three rounds. It's relatively easy if you get a good group of people involved. Just don't forget to track which events you've done.
  • Discover and drive every road in México

    Ahhhh, this old chestnut is back! Forza Horizon 5's Mexico has 578 roads you must travel their entirety before they register as completed and you can unlock this achievement. It's not actually the hardest of achievements, and if you're doing the 80 different races achievement, you'll have a lot of them already sorted by the time you get around to this, but if not, it's time to hit the map, remove all the other icons with rb.png and see which roads you still need to get. Basically, you need to turn all the roads either white or red. Main roads need to be white, and side roads need to be red. Thankfully, the achievement popped super early for us as well, when we were short of six roads, so hopefully that's the same for a lot of people. Keep an eye out for those tiny little roads that are easy to miss as well (as was the case in Horizon 4). In terms of a couple of the easy to miss ones, try here:

    - to the left of the D in Dunas Blancas (the desert to the west of Mexico)
    - to the south of the C in Cordillera (in the centre of the map)
  • Complete all Events in a Festival Playlist Series

    The Festival Playlist, which can be found in the pause menu, has a load of events in it that you need to complete before the season ends. You can tell which ones are classified events if you scroll right, they'll usually be races, PR events, and usually some online stuff too. Do all of them and you'll bag this achievement.
  • Restore 14 Barn Finds in México

    There are 14 Barn Finds in Forza Horizon 5, most of which you get naturally as you play through the main Forza events, the only one you don't is the Jaguar, which you get in the Jungle Expedition. Anyway, here's all 14 vehicles and where to find them when they do unlock:

    1. BMW 2002 Turbo (1973)

    2. Chevrolet Corvette (1953)

    3. Dodge Viper GTA ACR (1999)

    4. Dodge Dart Hemi Super Stock (1968)

    5. Ferrari F40 Competizone (1989)

    6. Ferrari 250 GTO (1962)

    7. Ford Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback (1968)

    8. Ford Racing Escort MK1 (1967)

    9. Ford F-100 (1956)

    10. GMC Jimmy (1970)

    11. Jaguar Sport XJR-15 (1991) - Part of the Jungle Expedition

    12. Porsche 911 Carrera RS (1973) 

    13. Renault 4L Export (1968)

    14. Toyota #1 T100 Baja Truck (1993)

  • Find and smash all 250 Bonus Boards in México

    This. One. Is. A. Pain. Mainly because the boards don't show up on the map unless you're near them and even when you've covered every road, and done 80 events, you still won't have them all on your map unless you've spent a lot of time exploring and going off the beaten path. Now, we don't condone this, but for around £2-3, you can buy the collectible map and have them all show up. It's honestly the easiest solution to get this achievement, to be honest, and if you're playing the game on Game Pass, you've still only spent 2 or 3 quid to play what is an excellent video game, plus, you get an achievement. Fear not though, if you don't want to pay for it, we did just for you!

  • Earn 3 Stars at the Eagle's Perch Danger Sign in a Ford Supervan 3

    Eagle's Perch Danger Sign can be found in the bottom right of Mexico's large map, just to the left of the Ek' Balam ruins, near the Bueno Esperanza house. All you need to do is jump at least 289.6 metres in the Ford Supervan 3, which costs 500,000 credits at the Autoshow at the main Horizon Mexico festival post. Obviously, to make this easier you can supe up the Supervan 3 with a better tuning setup. There's a great big stonking straight-ish road as well that goes from west to east, so you can easily get a good run-up going.

  • Purchase all 7 Player Houses

    There are seven houses in all to buy in Forza Horizon 5, all of which are populated around the outside of the map. If you turn off all of the other icons on the map and focus on the houses, you can see where they all are and how easy it is to buy them, but it's never that straightforward. For instance, sure, there are only seven properties to buy, but there's definitely an order to buy them in. For starters, the 2m Buenas Vistas map is priceless, especially if you want to fast travel to every single corner of the map in an instance; whereas the 5m Hotel Castillo, while being super expensive, does give you daily Wheelspins, which, as you know by now, means more monies, so that's super useful too. So yeah, honestly, it's worth saving for those two first. They're the most expensive in the game for a reason!
  • Win the Goliath Race Event

    The Goliath Race Event is the fourth ticket event in the Horizon Adventure map under the Mainstage tab. Win the event and this achievement is yours. Be aware this is one of the longest races in the game, so don't be afraid to use the rewind function if you lose concentration, as the last thing you want to do is lose it on the last straight, like I did. D'oh!
  • Complete 5 Seasonal Smashable Challenges

    If you head to the Festival Playlist in the start menu, you'll see a ton of different events to complete throughout the season. Things like races, certain PR events, and so on. In the Forzathon daily challenges though you'll often see what Playground Games call 'seasonal smashable challenges', i.e. No Signal: Smash 5 Phonebooths. So, basically complete five of these and you'll get this achievement.
  • Smash 500 cacti during México's Wet Season 

    The most annoying part of this is waiting until Mexico's wet season. When it's rainy season though, head to the area just to the east of the desert (the Dunas Blancas) and then just head off-road and smash a lot of cacti. 500, in fact. It won't take you long, to be fair, as there are tons around there, so fear not. Just keep an eye on when it's rainy season and you'll be golden.
  • At sunrise, take a photo of your car with some monarch butterflies at Hotel Mirador Balderrama

    You'd be wrong in thinking that the massive hotel structure in the south west is the Hotel Mirador Balderrama, in fact, the hotel in question is in the north east of the map, near the Copper Canyon.

    The hotel is actually on the windy road to the north of the Foto Final Cross Country race and the Riviera Sprint, but where you want to head is where the arrow on the map for the hotel is putting (see below). Simply head there at sunrise and you'll see the monarch butterflies will be all over the place (they're there all day though). Take a photo when the sun is coming up, with your car and the butterflies in shot, and you'll get the achievement.

  • Take a photo featuring the Gran Telescopio and a dust storm

    The Gran Telescopio is basically that massive satellite dish looking structure just to the northwest of the large volcano. It's actually marked on the map as a landmark (which I believe you have to have driven past once to discover it). What you need to do is just take a photo of that with a dust storm in the same shot, so, as the dust storms don't appear all the time, keep an eye out for one, and when there is one, make your way up the volcano and situate yourself on the road that overlooks both the Gran Telescopio and the desert (where the sandstorm will be). The road to do this is literally to the east of the structure. Fairly easy, this one, but you just need to get the timing right.

  • Take a photo during a tropical storm

    You'll get this one naturally doing the Tulum Expedition, but only if you're doing the optional objectives and trying to get the An Item Of Extreme Value (10G) at the same time. Which you totally should.
  • Send another player a Gift Drop

    You'll likely get this one naturally, because as soon as you find a Barn Find, you have the option of gifting a car to another player. Of course, be aware that doing this will remove the car from your garage, so only send a car that you don't use, and also, don't give away a rare one you can't buy either, because if you need it or want it later on you'll have to get it through a Wheelspin, and you don't want that!
  • Earn 3 stars at the Puerta Pétrea and La Marisma Trailblazers within 2 minutes

    Okay, so this is another one that is incredibly confusing when it comes to the actual descriptions and the achievement itself. The truth is you can ignore the whole "2 minute" aspect, and instead, what you should do is head to the "Water Performance" challenge in the Accolades menu and pin the corresponding task. What becomes quickly apparent is that the achievement and the challenge have two different descriptions. What you actually need to do to unlock this achievement is to 3-star both the Puerta Petrea and La Marisma Trailblazer events within 3-minutes and 30-seconds.

    So, what does that mean and how do you do it? Well, first things first, get your car, upgrade it to a X (999), again we used the Lambo Sesto Elemento Forza Edition (2011) and the first thing you're going to want to do is complete the La Marisma Trailblazer and get 3-stars (it's in the bottom right of the map, just left of where it says Pantano De La Selva). In the Lambo, it's fairly easy, just try to avoid the water as it kills your speed. And you can use rewind to your heart's content to get through the jungle. Only when you get that 3-star time does the timer on the left (the 3m30s) actually start. That means you have 3m30s to get to the next Trailblazer and 3-star it. Few things to note: DO NOT fast travel, it resets the progress, you have to drive there, so set a pin and race up the coast (the Puerta Petrea is in the top right, just to the left of the Hotel Mirador Balderrama and The Eliminator logo). Another point of note: you can use rewind, sure, but the timer carries on while you're rewinding time, so be wary of that.

    As for the Puerta Petrea Trailblazer itself, it's not too bad actually. Basically: fly off the cliff, follow the road up to where the road to The Elminator is, and follow that road around the corner to the right, until you can see the green smoke, only then do you need to go off-road. Good luck!

  • Win any Event in Horizon Open

    If you click start and go to the Online tab, the big button in the middle takes you to the Horizon Open page, which consists of four events:

    - Open Racing
    - Open Drifting
    - Playground Games
    - The Eliminator

    Simply win an event to get this achievement. And I say simply, but in truth, it's not. That's why we recommend playing the Playground Games, which should throw you into a team event, where you have a 50/50 chance of winning. Statistics and odds say that if you do that you'll eventually win one, even if you're not very good.
  • Find all Treasure Chests in a Festival Playlist Series

    Another season based one here, so keep an eye out for the Treasure Chest seasonal collectibles when they pop-up. Seek them out and this achievement is yours.
  • Finish 5 Horizon Tour Race Events ahead of all Drivatars

    Yeah, folks, this is tough, mainly because you have to beat other players... and there's some really bloody good racers out there! Well and truly. The Horizon Tour is basically a multiplayer series, with a few races making up the whole event. You have to win five races, and honestly, there's no real advice I can offer here than to just practice and hope you end up in an event with a load of terrible racers... Yeah, I know, right! What are the odds in that happening? They're bloody slim, I tells thee!
  • Find a place to install the Horizon Pulse Radio Beacon

    While on the Tulum Expedition (part of the Road Racing), as well as photographing the Golden Tlaloc Totem for an achievement, you can also get this Radio Beacon achievement too. Again, this is an optional objective, so just make sure you do the optional objective here and you'll grab this achievement too. Again, just ride around the ruins and you'll get an Accolade icon pop-up on the map, one of those will be where you can place the Radio Beacon.

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