Driver Level 50 Achievement

  • Driver Level 50



    Reach Driver Level 50 in Season Play mode.


    These 18 achievements are gained by leveling you're driver through levels 0 to 50 (you start at 0). This process goes the same way as leveling up your car, you get XP for driving races, drags, drifts etc. Also both offline and online count towards these achievements. Maybe the best way is to drive online with a friend and use these settings:

    Game type: Drag
    Track: Sedona 1 mile
    Damage difficulty: simulation
    Number of heats: 10
    Number of max players: 8
    Number of max AI players: 7
    AI difficulty: hard
    Collision mode: always on
    Number of teams: 4 (you will be teaming up with your friend)

    Put all the assists off (or if you fail the start, you can put TCS on). Choose the 2007 #8 Peugeot Sport 908 (R1 997) and you will most likely win the drag. You get 1,225CR and 700XP for single heat. So when there is 10 heats, you get 10*1,225CR= 12,250CR and 10*700XP= 7000XP. It takes like 30 seconds to finish one heat, so it's 300 seconds for 10 heats (5 minutes). 

  • I'm Almost getting this one. M
  • Ha yeh it does take a while to get and a lot of patience I got it a few week ago trying to get the final achievment all gold medals in every race.
  • this will take an age to get..
  • If you have the time to race the endurance ones, I did one and leveled up about 2.5 levels. But if you have the time lol.
  • oh god. The endurance ones are LONG!!!! I'm hiring a person. I'm going to play the speedway races a million times to get there. Mostly the R1 class ones. Pretty long time to get there. I have this one on the way but I also need 40, 45, and 50. I also need to complete my 5th and 6th year and complete every single race. It's going to be fun.
  • I usually take 3-4 breaks during the endurance races. No joke!
  • I find the best way to work on both this and the Year 6 achievement are to take lots of breaks and make sure you have a DVD or something playing nearby, because the longer tracks are pretty boring by the time you hit the 10th lap...
  • GO RACE > MULTIPLAYER > PRIVATE MATCH > GAME SETUP Game type: Custom Track: Benchmark Layout A max players: 8 max AI players: 7 AI difficulty: hard laps: 50 damage difficulty: Cosmetic my choice of car is ACURA #66 de Ferran Motorsports ARX-02a (far right) use the rectangle in the middle as the track (cut the corners) 18.5??sec per lap 18-20mins per race all assists off i got 86.000 for the race
  • sorry you get 86.000 Cr and 51.000 Xp
  • just got it
  • I use @EagleRico's method but instead of laps i set it to time based. In half an hour i got 140250 credits and 85000 driver experiance. I used the Peugeot Sport 908 (far right). Thanks for tip Eagle :)
  • @EagleRico How do I get Benchmark Layout A as a track because I'm not seeing it on here
  • @jldwyd not sure if this still relevant for you, but the Benchmark track is part of a track pack DLC. SadlyI am not sure which, as I have the Ultimate Edition of FM3 and it just grouped all track packs into one ultimate track pack on my HDD
  • You also get 700 XP wenn you turn TCS and "auto-transmission" (?^^) on
  • It takes an age. The problem I have is I bought Forza 4 before I completed this game. I'm only level 33 I really should get back into this game :( How do you get benchmark layout a???
  • almost there :D
  • thanks eagle
  • Got this with 26.1% career complete.
  • If you don't have Benchmark Layout A, you can do this on Sunset Speedway. I turned on damage difficulty to simulation. It takes about 7 minutes for 10 laps and you get over 14,000 credits. It takes a bit more work but its still somewhat fast.
  • Here's a tip for timed races on Benchmark Layout A. Max Players: 8 AI:7 Skill: Hard Assists: All off, manual (no clutch) Race Type: Timed - 1 hour Damage, Simulation Collisions: On Grid Order: PI Car Class R1, then switch it back to "any" With the AI in R1 cars, select a lower PI car. I picked the highest B-Class car from the car select as it was better than any B-Class cars in my garage. Then Go to race. In 1 hour, I was able to go around 170 miles. You will have to conserve fuel with higher HP cars. 1 hour is the max you can do without running out of fuel. I couldn't find any pit lane on the track. In the end, I won 199,480 cr (crashed a few times), and got 120,000 XP.

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