Year 6 Achievement

  • Year 6



    Complete the sixth year of Season Play.

    In Season Play mode, there is an event calendar where you choose your races every week. As you progress through years, you can drive better car classes. For example, in the first year, you drive F-D class cars and the next year you drive C class cars.

  • Can i hire driver for season play?
  • I did... :)
  • this is so long to complete
  • this is game's season play is ridiculously boring ..... -.-
  • Season play is a pretty horrible addition to the game, just give something like the Event List and I'll be very happy.
  • best way i did was drive all the seasons until i got my driver level to 50 then just hired a driver to finish out the rest of season 6 and to finish my solid gold
  • I'm doing the same as dt4824. I'm finishing season 5 and then I'll hire a driver to finish season 6 and solid gold!
  • As above I finished my driver lvl 50 near the end of season 4 (done a fare few events) and I'll I have left to do is Finnish season 6 and gold the rest and I'm just using hire a driver all the time.
  • yeah. but I am on my season 5 right now and I'm hiring a driver and doing something that will take me an while to complete. Like going to season event and not switching a car to complete every single event. Once I do that, I will complete every achievement and also solid gold on this game. I want to know if completing every single event on the game, if you don't have to race other events if all of them are completed. This is blowing my mind.
  • Finally did it. Yahoo!!! I did all the driving. Tried not thinking about the achievement just each race. Trying to lap cars or beat my last lap time. Didnt seem as long or boring that way. Taking in the scenery was good too. I found playing first thing in the morning was refreshing too.Another thing I am doing is getting all my cars up to level 5 so I change cars frequently.
  • #10 its the same thing i do. im only in my fourth season, but beating my own lap times keeps me going. otherwise, my brain would be mush haha. i kinda like the fact that some laps are pretty hard to do. especially in the F series. those cars cant drive worth the sh*t, always flying out of corners..meh.. but this achievement would be alot sweeter if u drove everything urself, and not hire a driver. also.. when u choose 'see new tracks' it will help u in the achievement for "drive on every single race track". good luck with those 1-hour races everybody :D
  • WOW!!! Season 6 drags on for freakin' ever. Getting close. I'm on weekend event 11 of 13 now. Then off to grind the rest of the races I need for solid gold.
  • 780 races, yea, glad it's an achievement. Seems bad, but this career is way better than Forza 4 imo, especially since these events, both championships and off week races, do count towards the getting gold in all the events, while Forza 4 had some events that didn't count towards it.
  • This game just seems to drag on forever

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