Lapper Achievement

  • Lapper



    Complete a time trial.

    Go to Leaderboards, then go to Time Trial and select the car class and the track. Then hit to start the time trial. For F class cars, the shortest track is Mazda Laguna Seca.

  • 1. Press A to start game, or press B until you get back to the Main Menu. 2. Select Leaderboards. 3. Select Time Trial. 4. Select a Track. 5. Press A to start. Run at least 2 laps. Stay on the track for the race to count. You can press > anytime after the achievement symbol pops up.
  • Select Le Mans Circuit with the R1 #9 Peugeot 908 to get the Demon achievement. At least 3 of the straights are long enough to get up to 200 mph. If you find the track too long, exit after the Demon achievement pops up and retry for Lapper on a shorter track.
  • i wondered where to find this time trail thanks.
  • yeah thanks I couldnt find where to start a time trial either.
  • This one took me a while to figure out. I wish there was a place for you to just select "Time Trial" and race some tracks that you want to do time trials on. Stupid creators of the game called "Forza Motorsport 3".
  • Thank You KYRealtor
  • Do the Lapper on New York Old Circuit. Just 2 straights and a couple of corners with no chicanes. That's what I intend to do. Thanks for letting me know how to get to the Time Trials though. Grateful.
  • Why was it so difficult to find where time trial is?
  • Thanks guy's, now I'll have to get those 2 cheevo's :D
  • Thanks KYRealto
  • I am following the guide but it's not unlocking WTH?
  • I got this on Tsukuba Circuit
  • Can't seem to unlock this, no matter how many laps I drive around. Though the leaderboards are filled with lap times, maybe the Forza servers isn't operative anymore?
  • No luck, it is not unlocking for me

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