World Traveler Achievement

  • World Traveler



    Race at every track location in the world.

    You must race at any variant of each track in the game, excluding the Test Tracks. You can get this in Season Play or you can choose Hot Lap, Free Play, Time Trials or Multiplayer.

    • Amalfi Coast
    • Camino Viejo
    • Catalunya
    • Fujimi Kaido
    • Iberian Circuit
    • Le Mans Circuit
    • Maple Valley Raceway
    • Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
    • Mugello
    • New York
    • Nürburgring Nordschleife
    • Rally Di Positano
    • Road America
    • Road Atlanta
    • Sebring International Raceway
    • Sedona Raceway Park
    • Silverstone
    • Sunset Peninsula
    • Suzuka Circuit
    • Tsukuba Circuit
    • Twin Ring Motegi 
  • !! HOT LAPS AND TIME TRIALS DO NOT COUNT TOWARD THE ACHIEVEMENT !! If you want to get the achievement in Free Play, you will have to do Quick Race.
  • You could just do Season Play until Season 4. As soon as you get the achievement for completeting Season 4, you will get World Traveler
  • I have tried through both season play and and quick race and i have not gotten this achievement. Do I have to race every variant, or just one variant of each location?
  • i think im almost there on mines i will let u know i havent raced on nuetburg yet
  • every type. one race from each track type. good luck!
  • thank you, I guess the wording fooled my eyes.
  • can we hire a driver
  • does it count if i hire a driver??
  • is there a way to tell what traks that you've raced at?
  • For S_h_a_d_0_w If you go into the event list and click on each box that is checked (all the races you have completed) it will show you all the tracks that are associated with that event. I myself have played through the season play, and I'm on season seven. One thing is the game doesn't go back and play the championships that were left out; it continues with the R1 championship (probably because its worth the most credits, idk). Also the Drag Race events don't cover all of the drag race tracks (season only played the sedona 1/8 and 1/4 mile). One question I have is does the DLC count towards the achievement?
  • I'm currently in my third season, so I've already been to most of the locations. All you have to do is go into the quick race and race on a variation of each location (you only need to race and finish on one variation of a location for it to count). To get this achievement I had to do a race at Laguna Seca, the Proving Grounds and one of the high speed bowls that had 16 or so variations to it. Most of the races in quick race shouldn't take more than 5 minutes each, so you don't need to hire a driver.
  • #11 Ya, Trancemaster2010 is right. Just received this achievement doing quick races (each takes less than 5 minutes) and only ran on 1 track type at a certain location. If you go into quick race all the way to the track menu it will list all of the locations you have to race at in order to get the achievement. Even Nurburgring is split up into the Grand Prix Circuit (DLC) and the Nordschleife as two separate locations.
  • IN DETAIL ========= -You must do the race by yourself, Hiring a driver WILL NOT net you the achievement -It's likely you'll get this achievement by year 4, If you don't then you have chosen wrong tracks and some easy small tracks are left. -It must be a race, Hotlap and Time Trial won't work -You only need to do one variant of each track so choose the smallest one.
  • Could not find anything refering to the ultimate edition. All the above works fine, but in addition you also need to race on the Benchmark, Nurburgring GP and Sidewinder proving grounds. Once i finished the last quick race on the nurburg GP circuit the achievement popped. hope that helps anyone else having issues.
  • I can also confirm what deus22 said. I had finished all of the seasons and raced on all of the tracks but didn't know the Ultimate Edition had those three new tracks in Quick Race mode. Just had the achievement pop after finishing Sidewinder :)
  • im on season 7 and i still dident get it
  • if you get the achievement that needs all the gold medals you will automatically get this achievement
  • #14 & #15's method worked for me as well.
  • Confirmed, if you have the ultimate edition or bought those tracks you need to 1 race on each.
  • Do you have to race every track in the game?
  • ok... I have gotten the solid gold achievement and played to year 7 and this achievement still hasn't unlocked. Glitched or have I missed something?
  • #14 is right, got it now
  • #14- Thanks, that's what I needed to get it!
  • @14 thanks, these three tracks were what I was missing
  • #21 ...I had the same problem. Apparently the below tracks are from a DLC but as I got the Ultimate Collection they were bundled on. You need to race at these 3 tracks to get this achievement. Bipped for me anyway. Benchmark High Speed Ring Sidewinder Proving Grounds Nurburgring Grand Prix Pack
  • got the achievement even tho my hired driver was the one to do my last race.. laguna seca..
  • every time you have to choose a race in season play choose one that says play new tracks and you'll get this by the end of season 3 at the latest.
  • As #27 says Easiest way to get this achievement is just play through the career as normal and everytime it gives you a choice of races, choose the group which has the hint "try new tracks"

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