Director Achievement

  • Director



    Complete your first Forza Motorsport movie.

    Finish any single race you like, then as the menu pops up, select View Replay. Then select Make Movie, which is the third icon from the right during the replay, set quality as anything you like, but keep Movie Length as 5.0 s, and keep game speed at 50%. Then select create movie with and it will start to upload. Once the upload is complete, you will get the achievement.

  • 1. Race 2. Save Replay 3. View Replay 4. Press > to pause. 5. Scroll to movie icon, 3rd from right. 6. Click A. 7. Follow onscreen instructions. Be patient during movie creation and upload. 8. Upload to Live.
  • I'm having a hard time with this one i cant view or save a replay can anyone help?
  • i cant view or save a replay can anyone help?
  • HELP
  • It asks you if you want to save the replay at the end of a race. Save it, then upload a section of it to the Forza Motorsport website.
  • BTW I think you can upload your videos through your storefront or your profile.
  • Hey, for those who havn't got the option to view their replay - you need a HDD to be able to! It's so annoying, I have 2 x 32GB USB instead for a HDD, but it doesn't work ;(
  • It's annoying that USB keys don't work as HDD'S
  • can do any game speed
  • It should be mentioned that this is unattainable on a 4gb console. USB drives do not work. If you do not have an internal hard drive you can not watch or create replays.

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