Demon Achievement

  • Demon



    Travel in excess of 200mph.

    Select Free Play from in the Main Menu, then Hot Lap. Pick the Bugatti Veyron as your car and pick Nurburgring as the track. When the race starts, drive up until the first bend, turn around, and drive as fast as you can down the straight away. This car is extremely fast so you should be able to get it with no problems.

  • 1. Press A to start game, or press B until you get back to the Main Menu. 2. Select Leaderboards. 3. Select Time Trial. 4. Select a Track. 5. Press A to start. Run at least 2 laps. Stay on the track for the race to count. You can press > anytime after the achievement symbol pops up. Select Le Mans Circuit with the R1 #9 Peugeot 908 to get the Demon achievement. At least 3 of the straights are long enough to get up to 200 mph. If you find the track too long to run twice for the Lapper achievement, exit after the Demon achievement pops up and retry for Lapper on a shorter track.
  • How can you be having problems? Go to free play, choose a Bugatti Veyron, and Le Mans track, and your set.
  • I did this in a "multiplayer" game, where I setup a drag race. I didn't race against anyone, just myself. Using the Veyron, you get the achievement about 80% of the way down the track. I don't think track matters, just as long as you do a full mile long track.
  • I did this when a friend invited me i'd only been playing about 10 mins!
  • This one was easy, got it without trying to. I was using the MINE's R34 Skyline GT-R on the track "Sunset Peninsula Raceway, Speedway" (which can be found in the Class R3 Speedway Challenge). The car was RI 800 and since you don't really need to break on this Speedway, you should be able to get it on the first lap if you don't let up on the gas and make the turns properly.
  • You can obviously achieve this during the later seasons when you get better cars
  • To get this, I used a Bugatti Veyron (unlocked at lvl 30) went on a race track like Circuit De La Sarth and then you will easily gain 200 mph.
  • This achievement is so much fun, turn the sound on your TV all the way up and then press RB twice to go into cockpit mode. Freaking epic.
  • an easy way to get this achievement is to get in the R1 #9 Peugeot 908 and go on the 1 mile drag race and u should get it 1st or 2nd try
  • Hot Lap in #9 Peugeot 908 on the Benchmark High Speed Ring, you should get it halfway through first lap
  • This is the hardest
  • I just used the Bugatti Veyron on a Hot Lap and chose Speedway. Got it in my first attempt.
  • Bugatti Veyron, Sedona Raceway Park-Drag Mile... went up to 210mph
  • #8 Peugeot on Le Mans Circuit De La Sarthe - Old Mulsanne Theres a straight shot, should get 200+ mph easily. Hope this helps

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