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    Win a race using cockpit mode.

    Once you start any race, press to change the view until you get to the Cockpit View. Finish the race entirely in this view and you will get this achievement. It is best to get this achievement in one of the earlier races in the game.

  • Also, you don't have to drive the whole race in cockpit mode. Just make sure you FINISH the race in cockpit mode. This is much easier, as it is extremely hard to see in this mode.
  • No. You have to start the race in Cockpit Mode, and finish. Since they updated, you have to start and finish, as my mate recently did what you described and unfortunately it didn't work for him. I did it in the first ever race on Forza Motorsport 3; the one in which you get the Achievement 'Welcome to Forza Motorsport'
  • weird. I played this on my bros x-box and played start to finish in cockpit mode and won but no acheivement. Anyone know what I did wrong?
  • Best done on a speedway race...
  • What I did was ended a race with it turned on and then it automatically begins the next race in this view so that you can just go through it without changing.
  • If you suck at the cockpit view on a normal track (like me) then i got this achievement by doing a drag race from the leaderboard menu. It popped once the mile drag was done. (Started and finished the event in cockpit mode.)
  • I like this camera view over the others
  • So easy if you've played racing games before this mode should give you no problem. I played the Forza 4 demo and I came in first place the first try. I like this mode way better then the other view points.
  • #7 I agree completely. I don't understand why people hate this view. I think it's the best lmao. I always use it.

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