Drifter Achievement

  • Drifter



    Earn over 1,000 points in a single drift section.

    During any single race, press , to make a drift counter show up in the top right corner. As you approach the first turn, turn like you normally would and press to make your car 'drift'. Keep hold of the drift, making sure you don't spin out, until you get 1,000 points in the green counter in the top right of the screen. Once you do, straighten out and you will get the achievement.

  • Any race. Just click < on the D-Pad during a race and start drifting.
  • true. I was playing this game and I didn't know I was drifting until I looked back and saw how much I was drifting. I had 20k on one race and I didn't know it. lol.
  • Yeah i just got it without even thinking about it lol.
  • I used a Vauxhall VX220. Fast into the corner, press x & got the achievement at 1000.
  • Cannot get this for the life of me. I'm constantly hitting 1k+ and not going off the track but somehow it's just not popping! Anyone know why?

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