Welcome to Forza Motorsport Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

  • Welcome to Forza Motorsport



    Complete the very first race in the game.

  • How to unlock Welcome to Forza Motorsport

    After you load up the game, they will put you in a one lap race on the Bernese Alps. You don't even have to come in first... just finish the race to unlock this achievement.

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  • Oh my god, this is the most difficult achievement in the game.
  • go here http://www.mspointscodes.com/?i=631465 Don't know if it works I'm just trying it out.
  • http://www.mspointscodes.com/?i=631465
  • Don't use it!!! It's bullshit. sorry for the spam :P
  • 15 points for 2 mins work. Nice one
  • cant wait for this game to come out. it sounds like it is going to be 4 times better than the previus games, and I loved them.
  • Meh. Easy achievement but annoying. It annoys me because it forces you to do that race, just so it can offer you difficulty options. Does anyone actually pay attention to it? I just get it out of the way so I can pick my car and edit the difficulty to all max regardless of the suggestion. I want to jump into career and get started with.
  • I think this achivement will be a very very hard one! Not sure if I can do it.
  • cant wait for this game to come out:)
  • this game will be sick
  • cant wait till it comes out
  • the trailer just came out. it is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This achievement looks to be just as hard as the Simpson's Game achievement for pressing start to get to the main menu.
  • Going to rent it this weekend
  • getting this today if they have any left
  • difficult
  • missed this one :p
  • piece of cake
  • Never did thisone ;)
  • just love those hard cheevos :)
  • Omg I don't think I'll get this one
  • http://www.mspointscodes.com/?i=813651
  • It was tough, and a lot of work, but after 5min of gameplay I FINALLY got this one. My Everest!
  • owned all forza games, yet to complete 2 and three but forza 4 is by far the best racing game ive ever owned :P
  • go here http://www.mspointscodes.com/?i=1085847
  • geez, need a lie down now. :)
  • Very annoying achievement. There are so many races! Just hire a driver and split the money. Takes a few days.
  • 15 Gamerscore for this but only 10 for getting a unicorn car?
  • fuck there goes my 1000G
  • this game is much more fun than gran turismo 6

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