Driver Level 50 Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

  • Driver Level 50



    Reach Driver Level 50 in Career mode.

  • How to unlock Driver Level 50

    As you play through Forza Motorsport 4 you will earn "Driver Level" and everything you do - online races, event select, and rivals mode, etc. - all contribute to this rank. All you have to pretty much do then is just play the game normally and this will come if you are going for the event completion or season achievements.

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  • Very quick to get to this. I'm surprised they didnt make one for level 100.
  • Or level 150 lol
  • You can hit this pretty quick by racing on the test track layout A doing 50 laps with all of your assists off and racing against 11 professional AI. When the race starts just race on the very inside of the track. It takes roughly 20-30 minutes per race and it helps get your affinity up so that's two birds with one stone.
  • im level 43 and in season 9, so i reckon you could get this by the end of season 9 if you play your cards right, maybe 8 if you have less assists on
  • Having got over the hump to level 24 it seems easy enough to do the math on this one If you go with Ferrari GT Club Bernese Alps flat out in F50 GT or F40 Competitione tuned to max can do 3 laps in just over 4 mins (sure the better racers will be faster) This gets 14600 XP with my current level assists so will need to do 86 times to get from current level 25 to 50 Setting as a fill in between bucket list to do 25 mins a day doing 5 races and not get too bored should have this one in about 2 - 3 weeks By racing other Ferraris on some of event list monster challenge should get within 2 weeks
  • how much money do you get when you get lvl 150?
  • can you just keep leveling up??
  • #7 I think they removed the cap from 150 to... well, endless.
  • looks like the best race for xp per race is class C world championship (unless the Porsche expansion added a better one) 14,000 xp plus 50% driver level bonus = 21,000 xp per ~14 mile race. but more importantly i'd like to point out that your assists don't effect the xp payout, only the money you get is increased (or decreased) by assists. so i'm not sure why people mention what assists to use or not use. you may be able to do some races faster that give the same or better xp per minute, but that looks like the best per race. there is an "aussie V8" event that has a better bonus of + 75% driver xp, but the races are 20 miles long for 14,000 points.. the fact that you would be going a lot faster might make this a better choice for many, providing you have a car for it.
  • I just finished season 5 and I'm at level 31, shouldn't take too much longer

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