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    Save a replay from any race, it can even be an online one. Once you do, from the career menu, go to My Profile > Media > My Replays > Select a replay > Load... then, when the clip loads, select the little film reel icon, crop the film, and upload a 5 second clip to

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  • Is this just any replay as ive uploaded a replay and it didnt unlock?
  • it has to be a movie. you make it while in replay mode.
  • @2 Thanks. I was trying to figure out where to create the movie. Every time I try to upload it I get an error that says... "Your movie was NOT successfully uploaded to" Is anyone else having this problem?
  • @3 Yes!
  • I think I may either be doing this wrong or I have a glitchy game. I, after a race save the replay. And then while viewing it click the create a movie button at the bottom and set record to like 30 seconds and the other details. The movie appears in the "My Movies" section under "Media" and when I click upload I get the message "Would you like to..." So I then get the loading wheel and after nothing that's it no achievement no nothing. Am I doing something wrong? or am I basically screwed and have a faulty game? Please tell me I'm wrong.
  • @5 I followed the same process and got to the same loading screen, took about 15 minutes but I got it
  • Took me about 15minutes to do this too. There have been issues aswell with the Forza network I think because the Auction house has been destructively laggy. (I have full wireless network coverage so not my internet) Save a replay then go to Media and select the replay, along the bottom of the screen go to 'Create Movie' Personally, select the shortest amount of time to creat a movie for, I chose 15seconds as I only wanted this for the Achi. Name it and then upon saving you will get a notification to 'upload to forza' blah blah and just be patient and don't accidentally hit B. After thats uploaded another screen after being successful you should have the achi. Hope this helps.
  • @3 i think it was a an error but it seems to be workin fine now.
  • thank you #7 big help
  • Guys, after I finish a race in Career or Quick Race I don't see any option something like "Replay". I don't see anything like that:( Does it have to be any race? Thanks in advance
  • Triniton, I did it under career mode. Right after race is done a side menu should appear and should have the "Save Replay" on it. Choose save replay and should save it. Need to choose Save Replay before continue or else it will just go to the XP screen and then back to the event list or season play.
  • I don't see any "Save Replay" either! Do I need more then 4GB HDD to save a replay?
  • Patience is a virtue for this one and a good internet service. Thanks for the info.
  • I have the 4GB, and I know that that won't allow you to save replays, but I was wondering if I could do it using the Xbox flash drive and saving my game to that or do I have to buy an external hard drive?
  • It always says 2 me ur file is corrupt and won't upload any advice??
  • It popped for me right away. Follow the same process as in Forza 3 Finish any single race you like, then as the menu pops up, select View Replay. Then select Make Movie, which is the third icon from the right during the replay, set quality as anything you like, but keep Movie Length as 5.0 s, and keep game speed at 50%. Then select create movie with and it will start to upload. Once the upload is complete, you will get the achievement.
  • I have a 4GB Xbox Slim and there is no "replay" option after i finish a race =/ do I need an external hard drive, pendrive may works?
  • #17 a hardrive that can go into your xbox using usb will work once formatted but pendrive can't sustain downloads like replays. hope it helps.
  • Also, anyone attempting this requires Xbox Live Gold
  • When you click on make a movie, if you read the tip box, it says it may take up to ten (10) minutes to upload
  • Just load up a quick race in free play (any car any track). just drive for a few seconds u dont have to do the entire race, then quit the race and go to view replay, then you'll see a bunch of options down in the left hand corner go across to make movie then follow the prompts through and upload it... when the circle is spinning be patient it took 10 minutes or so for it to complete for me (im in australia so my internet is shit) but the achievement will pop, just be patient with it.

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