Legend Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

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    Complete the tenth year of Season Play.

  • How to unlock Legend

    Just complete year after year of season mode and you will eventually unlock this. Although the seasons get longer every time, they are still relatively short. It's a matter of just working through it, selecting a new race and then plodding on.

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  • Great, but still not enough... Maybe they can create a campaign mode lasting 200 years to spend all my entire life on this game...
  • Agree with #1! I saw seven, eight, nine and TEN! C'mon I was ssoooooo sick of season 6 in Forza 3 that when it was over I almost snapped the disc in half, running the same tracks OVER AND OVER AND OVER AAUGGGHHH!!! IT DOESN'T END!! ... and everyone is complaining about the Kinect achievement. At least that's just one damn race.
  • I'll be honest and say I do not like the fact they increased the seasons. It's fine for the first four or five. But after that I much preferred going through the event list. The 7th season was too long and I nearly lost interest in the game by trying to go after the achievement.
  • Forza is a long game, but it DOES have durability. There's a long gap in between releases, and it gives your returnability to the game if there's still something to grind out of it. You can play other games when they're released and return to it. Personally I prefer this as opposed to just having the one achievement that requires continud play. At least on the road to completing the entire event list there will still be some other achievements to pop enroute this time! (This was the main reason I stopped after completing the career on 3, I saw how many events were left and thought 'it's not worth it'. But then I am a car nut and this is a car nut's game, So maybes I'm looking at it in a slightest biased manner? However anything that gives a game as big as this a long life is a
  • good thing in my eyes!
  • Won't you be driver level 50 long before you get season 10 done?
  • Just play some Rivals mode or Autovista challenges in between season events to make it more fun :)
  • Does anyone know how many races are in season 10?
  • @8 There are 27 in season 10.
  • got it.
  • @9 thanks
  • To be honest I think Turn 10 have done a really good job keeping it exciting. I mean in Forza 3 it was very repetative and long races, but in Forza 4 you have choices so you only have to do 1 race in a certain championship to move on, unlimited freedom to drive what you want when you want but still progressing through the career And thank F there is no endurance races!
  • 24 races in season 10, though a couple are 2-event things which is pretty annoying. I've already had breaks between the seasons as found the game pretty boring if you play it non-stop for more than a couple of hours : easy achievement, just hard to do if you don't have the patience or get bored doing it.
  • okay ignore my comment above, i thought i was in my 10th season, but was in the 9th annoyingly! 27 races, though probably more like 31/32 in total because of the double event championships.
  • im on season 10 soon be done :D
  • and for all you complaining get over you dont have to play it i enjoy playing 24/7 so ill soon have it
  • just finished season 5, if u do one or two hours a day, thats atleast 8 races, you get to season 10 in i reckon a month if u play it for a couple of hours a day, along the way everything else should pop, and u should be atleast level 10 car affinity if u've played the events for ur selected manufacturer (ive chose Ford), and then Bucket List shouldnt take you to mid-June, July if you play it every day. Oh well, it'll just take some time and i think its fun to do,however it can be boring on World Championship events, just be patient and this will come.
  • The good thing about this is I can work on the affinity level 50 with ferrari
  • to my post @17, im 7 races into season 9, and i reckon end of march and i have got this achievement then its just the bucket list and affinity level
  • was not far off my prediction, got this 10/04/12
  • Ive just started Season 10 after a week of casually playing the game. After season 5 or 6 I pumped up the difficulty %, hired driver and picked up a book! Flew by, also to speed things up, use the R1 class as much as possible!
  • I have been having trouble with the season , too hard! Have to use rewind at least 15 times a race to stay in front. Thought i would do the rest with hire driver and won the 1st 2 with ease now the useless prick is coming 11th even with all the assists on! If Horizon does not have difficulty setting in career i wont buy it. Only on start of 7th year!
  • ^ change the difficulty to easy mate. I'm more than halfway through season 8 and I've barely even played the game since I bought it about 2 weeks ago. I've also painted two cars and built two drift cars so it's not a long achievement at all.
  • Can't wait to finish this, I prefer the events list

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