Speed Demon Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

  • Speed Demon



    Reach 240 mph in any car.

  • How to unlock Speed Demon

    Go into an online match, pick the SSC Ultimate Aero and for a track, pick the Old Le Mans track - not the Le Sarth one, as there are kinks in the straight that will not allow you to get up to speed. Doing it in this car is relatively easy, since it puts the Veyron to shame. If you have all of the add-ons, you can also use the Veyron Super Sport... use anything you want, it really doesn't matter to me.

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  • I'm doing this in a F1 baby, have to do a cam upgrade though.
  • something tells me a bugatti veyron willl come in useful here. dont know why though
  • i'll use the McLaren.
  • new koenigsegg will be the1 to do it in, the ccx could reach 242mph the new 1s meant to be fasrter
  • Did anyone get this Achievement? If so, which car and which track did you use?
  • ok so tepid odin you are correct we used the new koenigsegg and we got it to go to 250 MPH before it pushed it back down to about 245 MPH but it was the one that worked the bugatti was very fast but it wasnt able to reach the speed for the achivement on the nuremburg track straight away it would get close but couldnt get it the bugatti can do it but with a few upgrades stock however im going on the Koenigsegg
  • Are you talking about the 2011 Koenigsegg Agera?
  • I found the best car and track to use. Drive the SSC Ultimate Aero on LeMans and you will hit well over 240mph on the straightaway! I got up to 261!
  • I used the SSC aero as well, but on the Nordschleife. I don't know if it helped but I tuned the gearing final drive down a bit to give more top speed, and bumped the tire pressure up to 40psi to reduce rolling resistance. On the Nordschleife start the lap and drive past the first small bend then stop when you get to the bigger right hander, turn around and head back down the start/finish straight. I hit 240mph about 3/4 of the way down the straight.
  • I just Grabbed the Buggatti Veyron SS and LeMans Track, Don't let go of the Throttle on the straight and you will soon hit 422 km/ph (252 m/ph)
  • You don't need to tune the Aero at all. I just used it stock. LeMans has a very, very long straightaway btw!
  • i did it on the usa test track with the veyron. barely reaches 240 stock but i got the achievement
  • Used the koenigsegg Agera on the LeMans Old Mulsanne Circuit. Stock car no tunes, 254 on the straight also got the flat out achievement just before the speed demon one!
  • I used the Bugatti veyron on the Lemans Track and it worked perfectly :)
  • Mclarens where its at.
  • bugatti veyron - nordschleiffe, long straight
  • LeMans - Old Mulsanne Circuit - Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.
  • @17# - Did exactly the same, you can get 2 achievements for it and a couple of Profile badges/pictures.
  • I also used the Bugatti Veyron SS on the Le Mans track (old version of the track with the long uninterrupted straight) - easy!
  • same here bugatti veyron on old lemans circuit also got the flat out achievement doing this also
  • On Forza 3 I used to hit 242 on the 1-mile drag with my fully upgraded Mazda Rx-7. I can only assume this shouldn't be to hard.
  • Koenigsegg Agera on Le Mans Old Mulsanne Circuit. 253 MPH on the straight line. Easy.
  • McLaren F1 GT on the LeMans Circuit is what I used, but the Old Mulsanne Circuit. Didn't even upgrade the car....got it up to 249 MPH on the straight.
  • The SSC Ultimate Aero steams past 242 on Le Man! Easy
  • Did upgrade to Bugatti Veyron, 268MPH on Le Man!
  • I used the SSC Ultimate Areo on Top Gear Mile Drag :)
  • SSC Ultimate Aero on LeMans is definitely the best setup. Got it up to 259 mph!
  • I did it on the top gear one mile drag with the SSC aero stock.I had to back up to the edge of the grass before starting though.
  • i got the flat out achievment but cant seem to get this
  • I got it using a stock Bugatti Veyron on the Le Mans track.
  • 262Mph achieved with the stock SSC Aero on the LeMans circuit
  • used the CCX hit dead on 240 and no achievement so must have to reach 241
  • im using the nissan skyline gtr
  • Old one with no chicanes was the dog's danglies!
  • get the veyron and go to old le mans easy as pie :)
  • Bugatti Veyron. pick a track with a long straight
  • Veyron on the Lemons track...Man it sucks hitting a car at 251 miles an hour :( Got the achivement tho :)
  • #21 must be smoking that good shit! an rx-7 hitting 242 in a DRAG mile? get the fuck out of here. more like, a 5 mile drag.
  • just got it with #8
  • Use a Veyron on Le Mans. Should be able to get it on the first straight. I did it in a time trial.
  • I have raced thru the Old LM track, but it will not unlock
  • I agree with TealPavelski with the SSC ultimate Aero on lemans.Drive for a little bit and there will be a massive straight.Goodluck
  • I just did this very easily with the Bugatti Veyron on the Le Mans Old Course. Nice straightaway to snatch this achievement - also managed to snag the Flat Out and Slipstreamin' (for perfect speed and drafting scores, respectively) while completing this one. Nice little bonus.
  • Did this on the Le Mans straight in a Bugatti Veryon and I got the Speed cheevo which I hadn't got yet so thanks :-)

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