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    Fully explore any car in Autovista.

  • How to unlock Car Explorer

    No, you don't need Kinect for this achievement... When exploring the car in Autovista, just move around it slowly and make sure you click on everything, there should be multiple things on the outside and inside... like opening the trunk, hood and doors, checking the engine wheels and lights. You also have to sit in all the seats, turn the car on, get some narrative and closely inspect the engine. I also did the challenge for the vehicle, but I am not sure if that is part of the requirement for the achievement or not.

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  • Don't you need the kinect for this one too?
  • I don't think so, if you watch the Warthog Autovista video he is using a controller.
  • I read an article elsewhere that mentioned Autovista could also be used with Kinect. Whether or not this means all the Autovista features can be accessed without a Kinect sensor remains to be seen.
  • You can use both kinect or a controller. They both have the same output, except kinect makes you look like a complete goon
  • go here
  • Some of you have been asking; NO KINECT REQUIRED for this.
  • Easy one. Just walk around, watch every detail, listen to Jeremy and the ach. will unlock. As #6 said, NO Kinect required.
  • Tried this with the first Ferarri in the Autovista area, completed the challenge and did the complete walkthrough again. Nothing yet. maybe I'm missing something?
  • same here, i clicked on everything and did the challenge for the 458 and AM-177, still nothing
  • @ 8 and 9, you guys missed something then. Make sure you hit EVERYTHING. You don't actually have to listen to the whole speech from him, just make sure you look at everything.
  • I'm almost certain I clicked and even listened to everything but did not unlock the achievement. Can someone confirm that they have actually obtained this achievement without Kinect?
  • @11 I thought I got everything too, but when I was in the driver seat I didn't see the spot where you can turn the car on. Clicked on it and got the achievement. Make sure you turn on the car.
  • I don't have Kinect either....
  • enter the passenger side
  • i thought i had done everything on the 458 but got the achievement when i tried looking under the bonnet, nothing in there but push forward to move the camera closer and it popped up
  • @12 Thank you. I had missed this.
  • Ya it's sometimes hard to see everything but make sure you hit every point. This includes under the hood, at the wheels, in the driver seat, the passenger seat, turn the car on, etc. Just hit everything and you will get this achievement. On another note, if you want a fun car to explore under Autovista, check out the Ford GT. I was skeptical because I have a pure hatred for Ford but when it went in depth into the car, I was amazed to say the least. Turn the car on and you will be blown away.
  • I can confirm that kinect is NOT required for the achievement. But one thing that I kept overlooking for a while in autovista is the option to change the car color. So if it isn't unlocking for you, try the car color option.
  • It is tricky to spot all the points, but some only pop up if you lean closer also the one i missed when exploring the 458 was the point down by the transmission settings in between the driver and passenger seat.
  • Thanks Scuderia MJ, that was the point I was missing too, very easy to overlook points using the kinect. :)
  • DO you have to unlock all of the cars to get this achievement???
  • @21, no all you have to do is walk around the car and listen and activate all the features, even if you activated it on the other side of the car, activate it again.
  • Thanks for the info..
  • You dont need Kinect to unlock this. Be sure to turn on the car and to enter in the passenger side.
  • this is truly the greatest addition to a racing game ever lol, the passenger side thing is what i didn't realize too after trying twice i got it...
  • I do think you need Kinect for this achievement . I fully explored several cars and didn't get it . Any thoughts ????
  • i must be missing something,this is getting old hmmm
  • thanks @15 that solved it
  • I failed to get this on the One-77 and the 458, but the Ford GT was easy. I didn't even sit in the passenger seat mind, so maybe it's more about fully exploring all the camera angles.
  • Fullyn explored Ferrai 250TR, McLaren F1,and Gumpert ApolloS, still no achievement
  • i tried with the ferrari, no luck, went to the lfa, checked all the exterior points, then exploded the car, hit the engine, lowered the spoiler, hopped in passenger and hit the points, then hopped in the drivers seat (I did open and close the doors while seated), then started the car.... this is important, after the car is started, two new points are plotted, one for challenge, another for the led instrument cluster, hit the new cluster point and the achievement popped
  • I have now fully explored 2 cars, done the challenges, turned the car on EVERYTHING but still to getthis. With the Hummer I went around the whole tthing twice. Opened all doors, got in & out of each car listening to the interior description each time, listened to Jeremy. I cannot understand why I still do not have the achievement

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