On Location Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

  • On Location



    Take a photo of any car in every Home Space.

  • How to unlock On Location

    From the career screen, select Cars > Change Homespace, and make sure you are on the first one. Take a picture of your car (it doesn't have to get uploaded, only saved locally) and switch home-spaces to the next one in the queue... wash, rinse, and repeat. There are six home-spaces which should take less than 5 minutes to snap a photograph.

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  • There are 6 Home Spaces that you need to take a photo in. Pick your car, then go through each location and take a shot and save to your hard drive (you don't need to upload it to forza.net)
  • just got this one last night
  • Easy - Thanks for the tip BiglanG.
  • Stupid question. How do I get back into the Home Spaces again? I was in it before I started my career, now I cant figure out how to get back in it again. Thanks.
  • @4 Play Career/Cars/Change Homespace Unlocks before saving #6 photo I had to fiddle to find it. =)
  • thanx @5 didnt have a clue where or wot the homespace was lol got it now tho
  • one of the easiest acheivements on the game although it toook me a while to figure out where the homespace's were.
  • easy, takes 5 mins, and u can make some nice pics in the top gear studio, lighting makes it look so surreal
  • just curious, if you guys say there is 6, howcome i only have 4?... lol thanks!
  • Quick and easy, takes a few minutes to change the homespace and click for a photo. Easy 20G
  • Quite a relevant issue is that you have to do all 6 photos in a single game session (or even a menu session, without starting any races in the interim, but of that I'm not sure though). I took 5 pictures and was expecting cheevo to pop up but it didn't until I took the last picture in a homespace I had already taken a picture of the given car in. Plus, I'm not sure if you have to actually save all these pictures as the achievement popped up after I just pressed the A button to take a pic. So I presume you just have to press A and hear the camera snap sound in every homespace with the same car in a single game session and that's it.
  • All 6 photos must be of the same car, doesnt matter how old a photo is or was taken. Cheevo will pop once you have snapped the 6th photo, no need to save the last one.
  • Didn't pop for me. I assume it's because I didn't do them all in one session, my xbox froze halfway through doing it but the photos were still saved. Might go for this one again and do all 6 photos in one sitting.

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