Star in a Reasonably Priced Car Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

  • Star in a Reasonably Priced Car



    Complete a lap around the TopGear Test Track while driving a KIA cee'd.

  • How to unlock Star in a Reasonably Priced Car

    You can either host a game online and do this, or you can do it in Rivals mode when going for the "Born Competitor" achievement.

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  • LOL at the achievement name! :D
  • C apostraphe D. This is an awsome achivement haha.
  • Changed my mind, definitely buying this game. Just for this. xD
  • top gear ftw
  • I love you, Turn 10! :3
  • Just cant wait to do this one, STIG here i come !!!!!!!!! :)))))
  • YES this achievement makes this game! XD
  • Wow, cannot wait to this achievement! One of the best i've seen! Just keep it flat through the straight, carful around Gambon.... and Across the Line!!
  • I will be talking like jeremy clarkson to myself while doing this one. XD
  • I hope the lap times are close to real life ones
  • I can see JK buying this game!
  • @#12- HAHA Some say he created swine flu to wipe out the mexicans.
  • The game is worth getting just for this! Genius!
  • nice, i always wanted to be that star
  • The funny thing is, I fully intended this to be the first thing I do with the game after the "anoying" first race thing. It's not like I pay any attention to what settings it suggests. Just let me go to career please :P
  • Is there going to be a selection of reasonably priced cars from past seasons? I want to compare my times in a C apostrophe D to a Chevy Lacetti. When I buy a C apostrophe D in game, the red color better be named "Reasonably Priced Red."
  • Yeah this is a fantastic addition, a cool one to have in any achievement List. What would be awesome is if they had leaderboards that have the times on them for the original stars as they appeared in the program and the player communities times slotted in alongside them, lets see if we are J.K. or Richard Whitely lol. The ultimate of course would be to have the actual player who achieved the top score above all the real stars, mildly moist or dry, to appear on the actual program next year or something and do it for real lol. I know i'm daydreaming but this is just an awesome achievement, love it Turn 10!
  • This is awesome, you even feel the bump when you go through that point in the follow through where all the cars cut that left turn going full speed, the controller jumps much like you would feel when you hit that dip there. This is turning out to really be the best yet.
  • where is the test track?
  • if its DLC on the collectors ed card...ima be mad, Im borrowing the game and I want 1000G
  • You can get this achievement along with "Rivals Shootout" and while going for "Born Competitor" if you head online and do the rivals race. It's under Top Gear, the first race, it throws you into a Kia Cee'd.
  • @xGeegx, thank you for your reply.
  • @22(xGeegx)- Thanks.
  • #22 cheers dude!
  • #22 you top man, i stumbled across this whilst clicking through various things.. but your spot on, i got a rival thing, and the top gear ping ping in seconds, lovely
  • What is so special about this achievement?... im sorry
  • This is my new "proudest" achievement. I haven't updated it since A Monument To All Your Sins in Reach. Epic!
  • the only reason im getting this game!gna smash it up lick it up av it up!
  • "THIS IS AWESOME! EPIC! GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT EVER!" but no help on getting this one. save the bragging for the forums!
  • @22 Perfect man! Thanx so much!
  • You can do this in a drag race.
  • You don't have to do an actual race. No need to start a MP game or waste your time in Rivals. Just go into Freeplay, select Hot Lap, "rent" the car if you don't own it (why would you?), then pick the Top Gear track and run 1 lap. All done.

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