My Car is Your Car Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

  • My Car is Your Car



    Share a car in your garage with your Car Club.

  • How to unlock My Car is Your Car

    Just go to your club garage and share a stupid car (if you only want the achievement, and are not really using the club feature with other people). If you are, you should try to help out your club and share cars that people may need for the event select or the season mode.

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  • If someone want to be part of my team and be one of the 3 co-leader.... Name: Fasst Ones Tag: guiz Car share: 2002 Pontiac Trans-Am (sylver, bone stock) That's the only shared car for the moment !
  • hey man i tried joining ur club. awaiting confirmation :) Gt: mapleleafs32
  • @2 I accepted you !!
  • Join my club, Das Speedyones, tag is Zz55
  • I started a group and am more than welcome to accept people who want to be a part of it. Also the first person to be a part of my group will be co owner by default if that's any incentive. It's called Wisconsin Cheezehead. My gamer tag is WisconsinChzHd if you want to find me for anything.
  • some one please message me on xbox live, and i will join up or do whatever needs to be done for this, as far to complicated for me to understand, got a veryon and the 5 million pound cobra and a few other gems,
  • Hey, if anyone wants to join my car club, send an invite. Club name: Too Fast 4 U Club tag: 1nd (Note: I just started the club today so don't expect to see too many others when joining. Will share cars next time I'm on.
  • Can anyone invite me plz..there is like no one whO accept me request its like there is no one alive man -_-..thx
  • You don't need anyone in your club to recieve this cheevo :D. Just make a car available.
  • ok trying to add cars to club ,, it wont let me add the ones ive painted why not??
  • Started a new club today, just in case anyone is still looking for one to join. Club name: AUTOMATE Club tag: ATM8
  • Started a club and would love for people to join if interested. Club name: Wisconsin Motorsport Club Tag: MSWI
  • Unobtainable in 2018

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