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    Complete 10 Autocross events without hitting gate cones.

  • How to unlock Autocrosser

    There are Autocross events in the Rivals mode, and there are exactly 10 events, just perfect them and you will get the achievement. Also, you will be knocking out a good chunk of "Born Competitor" this way. You can also replay any race as many times as you want. I find the quickest and easiest way is to use the Ferrari 360 Modena on the Laguna Seca track in Rivals mode.

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  • Awesome, I hadn't seen anything about them bringing back autocross. I actually autocross in real life so this is awesome.
  • Loving them bringing back auto-x
  • i wonder if you can just do the same event 10 times? hope so lol
  • lazy ass
  • This one will be easy. It doesn't say anything about winning, so you can drive as slow as necessary when approaching gate cones. Hopefully it's not consecutive though.
  • sorry about the stupid question but what is autocross?
  • @6 You drive through gates. If you hit or miss a gate, you are given a penalty. The driver with the fastest time wins.
  • You CAN get this achievement even with using Rewind, so if you hit a cone, no worries, just rewind back and you can try again without having to restart.
  • Can anyone tell me if you have to do 10 races in a row in the same session? Or it adds it up, so you can say do 1 a day?
  • pretty sure it won't be consecutive, so just complete 10 whenever you want :) and 1st autocross attempt in career mode, 1 minute under time and 92/93 gates. damn-it. :P
  • Just got this by going through the Rivals mode Auto Cross events. There are exactly 10 so just set a time on each, and don't hit any cone gates. Don't worry about beating your Rival. Just cross the line and choose finish and it will count towards your 10. And just to confirm, they don't have to be consecutive, and did 2 in and amongst career, then did 8 in Rivals mode to finish the achieve. And also to confirm rewind works, it still counts as a perfect run, you just get a 'dirty' time.
  • Confirming that Exaviour is right about everything, this isn't that hard but takes a bit of work and some precision rewinding (lol) to get.
  • 1. nurburgring gp 2. silverstone gp 3. indianapolis gp 4. motegi gp 5. sunset gp 6. laguna seca gp 7. road america gp 8. hockenheim gp 9. mugello gp 10. catalunya gp those are the 10 tracks in autocross rivals, as stated take your time an the chevo shud pop
  • You can also do them all on the same track. The first has only 80 cones. Choice is yours. Reiterating that rewind works just fine to correct for bumps.
  • You only need to finish 10 autocross races without hitting or missing cones. You are allowed to do the following: - hit rewind if you mess up - loose against your opponent (if in rival, which is the easiest) - use the same track more than once - no need to do it consecutively Hope this helps
  • Autocross event 6 Laguna Seca is only 79 cone gates and seems like the fastest time wise.
  • This will be an achievement and a half, I am appalling at autocross. Thanks for the tips though #15, that makes life easier.
  • on rivals i tried 2 different autocross and always 1 gate didnt load
  • easiest achievement i thought, all you need to do is go through the autovross races, if you hit a gate just rewind and it still counts :D
  • Had three attempts on the Mazda Map and always hit the cone at the finishing line. Even hitting the time and no rewind used. Thats really bad.
  • easy but boring! I don't play driving games to drive slow and steady =/

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