Outta Time Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

  • Outta Time



    Reach 88 mph in a DeLorean.

  • How to unlock Outta Time

    Take the DeLorean on the Nurburgring, whip a 180 at the start and peg it down the back stretch.

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  • Oh my god yes. I may buy this game solely for this achievement.
  • @rustyferg Hahaha, ditto! xD
  • haha this is funny
  • Hello, Project Gotham Racing 4 ;) .
  • great scott! be awesome if the delorean has a bttf skin!
  • Way to copy PGR4.
  • Will also get this for this one achievement!
  • i'm a fan of both forza and BTTF! i love this so much!!!!!!!!!! :D
  • This is the only achievement I want from this game.
  • I'm glad the Delorean is ON DISC and we don't have to wait so long for it!
  • hey, turn 10, let us explore the delorean time machine in autovista!!! that would be so awesome!!!!!
  • LOL!
  • Man Forza 4's achievement list just get's better and better the more you go through. Reminds me of the Puzzle Achievement in PGR4 but this is even better because this isn't just a secret achievement, this is pure reference awesomeness to BTTF!
  • This achievement and the majority of these comments made me so happy.
  • Yawn, more originality please Turn 10. PGR4 nailed this one a long time ago.
  • more reasons to love this game :))))
  • The DeLorean achievement's alive, I mean it's in 1885 but it's alive
  • NICE!
  • Was also in Pgr4 Love these
  • Not entirely original, still cool though.
  • Wow I was going this fast to the dentist yesterday with my mom. She hates to be late to appointments lol
  • Best achievement in any game ever.
  • There's that word again, heavy. Is there something wrong with the Earth's gravitational pull in the future?
  • Forza 4 do have some ugly achievements... like the Kinect-achievement, and the import-from-Forza3-achievement, since i haven't played Forza 3... But this one totally makes up for it :D
  • ah i love achievements with a reference. this achievement was also in pgr 4 i think
  • By far the coolest Achievement in the game!
  • Mohegan13 - People are saying 'heavy' as McFly says that when he learns about the Doc going back in time in BTTF part 1. Its iconic.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkqViukKpuw ^^^ there is a video showing the achievement if anyone wants to look at it... this is really awesome im glad they included this
  • I bought the DeLorean as a 177 Rated F-Class car, and upgraded it to a 630 S-Class car, and tuned it a bit. It actually works well. So along with getting the best achievement out there, you can get a decent performing car, too!
  • @29- you're replying to a quote from Back to the Future, lol...
  • Why does it matter if this achievement was in PGR4? It's still enjoyable to get. Bitch about something else.
  • Also, I hit 125 mph in the DeLorean. Doesn't seem to go faster than that without upgrades. I didn't think it'd make it to 110.
  • Who doesn't love bttf? Maybe more clever in PGR as you had to do it during a lightning storm, still awesome though.
  • love the bttf ref. but I agree with #35, PGR4 did it first - and more thought out...either way gotta love the DMC, lol
  • Can't have enough of these references ...
  • in lemans track i push it to 126 mph
  • Easiest thing to do: go to free play in a drag race track and it's done. I did it in a 1mi track, but the achievement popped halfway, so I guess a 0.5mi track will do.
  • Got this achievement without upgrading the car, hit 120mph track I did it on was sunset peninsula raceway speed way
  • Best achievement ever.
  • Got the achievement while the back to the future theme was playing on my phone

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