Daily Rewards Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

  • Daily Rewards



    Visit the Message Center on at least five unique days.

  • How to unlock Daily Rewards

    This one is pretty much self explanatory, and I am pretty sure you have to be connected to Live to do this, since Turn 10 issues you a daily bonus when accessing the community section. Just visit your Message Center () on five separate days.

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  • what do they mean by unique
  • Just check your messages once a day and you will get this. There is nothing unique about it.
  • Just got it today!
  • @3, so you just check your mail 5 seperate days, nothing special?
  • nothing special, i got mine last night. i think you just have to check it on 5 days. their definition of "unique days" must mean "days from sunday and saturday"
  • okay thanks for clearing that up
  • their definition of unique is diffrent...So not 5 days at the same day. Not hard to understand that really?
  • i got this 2 days after getting it....
  • Been playing about a week checking every day and no achievement :(
  • It's not working for me for some reason...
  • Its not 5 consecutive days.
  • Not working. I have the stupid essentials edition. Maybe that's why...

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