Rivals Shootout Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

  • Rivals Shootout



    Race and defeat an opponent in Rivals mode.

  • How to unlock Rivals Shootout

    Go to the rivals mode and select a race, an opponent will automatically be chosen for you and they usually aren't the greatest. Beat the (generous) time that they give you and earn yourself a pretty little 10 Gamerscore.

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  • easy
  • So does one have to race 1v1 or against a ghost? I've beaten a ghost and nada. Made a 2nd profile and held back a tad doing a race then smoked him on my main one. Made sure both were selected as Set to Rival and both are in the same car club. Still nothing. Hmmm, dunno
  • why are all the rivals so bad
  • Seriously lol here, a got this on a rival that must've started the race, parked the car and went to lunch for an hour and 6 mins. Either that or he gave the controller to the dog. wherever you are dude thanks for the easy 10g!!!

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