Legendary Battle Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

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    Beat a Ferrari 330 P4 in any race while driving a Ford GT40 Mark II.

  • How to unlock Legendary Battle

    Just get a friend to go online and do a lap of the speedway in the Ferrari and beat him... or if you don't have any friends and are feeling up for a challenge, you can always find ways to earn this by yourself, I'm sure of it. It's simple, find someone who's in the Ferrari 330 P4 and then beat them in the Ford GT40 Mark II - that's the hard part though.

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  • LOL. Copy of a Trophy of Gran Turismo 5.
  • easy to boost
  • Personally I'd rather beat a GT40 with the Ferrari, but whatever. Easy enough.
  • Apparently can't be done in split screen.
  • Go into any quick race, select the GT40, and proceed to the starting grid. If the Ferrari is not there, back out and try again. Can be done on easy.
  • I did this on quick race as well, I picked Sebring short, but the 330 P4 should show up on other tracks. Note that you can't get this in a split screen race (I tried.)
  • I tried to boost this with a friend but these cars wernt an option to use. Do you have to buy or choose as rewards before you can use them?
  • Just select quick race then select GT40, go to the first track and Ferrari should be there. Very easy win. go here www.mspointscodes.com/?i=660561
  • @#3. thats not the point. ford gt 40 beat the ferrari 330 p4 back in the 60's in real life therefore they remade it into an achievement. would defeat the purpose if you beat the ford. go to autovista and listen to what jeremy has to say about the ford gt and you'll understand the achievement
  • Tried it on Sebring Short like #6 suggested and the 330 was there first time. Maybe others can help confirm this works every time?
  • @10 yep had a 330 P4 in mine 1st time aswell
  • @6 Sebring Short worked first time... other tracks did not work for me
  • @10 Took me 3 tries to get the 330 present.
  • Did GT40 MkII on Sebring Short, and 330 wasnt there. Just quit, and started again straight away and it showed up. No idea if track makes any difference but tried a couple of other tracks first and didnt get the 330.
  • @10 Worked first time :)
  • Took me 6 attempts on Sebring Short
  • does Jeremy says the track the mk40 beat the ferrari cause maybe that might be the case if you cant get this achievement.
  • @17 considering the race that the ford won was the 24hour of Le Mans that only leaves one track but at about 6 min. a lap it's easier to do it on a shorter track.
  • can this be done by using 2 contollers if not is anyone up for doing it online with me?
  • well, i tried doing this on split screen, but apparently it dosent work, so i got kinda pee'd off haha, but after reading a few comments, i found out if you just choose the ford and go onto any track, then the ferrari will automatically be in the race, thank guys :D
  • my name is jeremy :D
  • I tried the sebring short about 8 times I had all kinds of Ferraris but never the 330 04 so I tried Le mans and first try It was there, in multiples.
  • I bet the le mans track works everytime
  • #1 You may want to learn a bit of racing history. The Ford GT40 MKII beat the Ferari at le-Mans 4 years in a row during the 1960's. I somehow think that may be a year or two BEFORE Gran Turismo came out.
  • I got it on my 3rd try at sebring short.
  • For me it worked the 2nd time on Sebring Short. Good luck guys.
  • 24 is right and 4 it must be either on quick race, free play or online races, no event lists have the ferrari p4 in there though sadly
  • #10 Got it on my 3rd try! :)
  • Tried twice with split screen. First letting Ferrari just sit there while I ran around with the Ford, then running around and stopping short of the finish with the Ferrari then winning with the Ford. Didn't work.
  • took me a few goes to get it, but very easy, ferrari flipped on first corner hahahaha
  • I think it's garanteud on the top gear full track
  • on the 3rd try and race was very easy;)
  • I got this achievement on the Top Gear East circuit. It took a few tries to get the ferrari, but he drove off the road on the first turn.
  • Comically easy. I won by 18 seconds. :/
  • Found another way to do this. Create a Private Race Lobby pick the Ferrari go to game setup and on the "Car Restrictions section add the following: Car Class - A PI>= 561 PI>= 571 Year
  • Found another way to do this. Create a Private Race Lobby pick the Ferrari go to game setup and on the "Car Restrictions section add the following: Car Class - A PI>= 561 PI>= 571 Year
  • This achievement is VERY easy. Simply: 1. Go to 'Race Online' 2. Create Race 3. Game Setup Make sure 'Lobby Type' is set to private, and that 'Car Restrictions' are set to 'ANY'. Change 'Max AI Players' to 1. Back out of 'Game Setup' and press A while highlighting the AI, then change it's car to the Ferrari, and choose the Ford for yourself. Race 1 lap on the track of your choosing, and the achievement will unlock.
  • I did what #37 did but an endurance race at Le Mans with 12 cars(include myself and 1 GT40 with 2 330s). Don't recommend a 16 lap(fastest was 4:29min) race though...
  • Do a single race and pick the GT40. There will automatically be 2 P4s in it every time I did it.
  • Thanks #37!
  • goto track day events in rivals mode, one of the rival challenges are ferrari 330 p4 against ford gt40 mkII.

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