Born Competitor Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

  • Born Competitor



    Post a time in every Rivals mode event.

  • How to unlock Born Competitor

    Pretty self-explanatory, just go to Rivals mode, select the first group, then the first race, and keep moving down each list in the order, that is how I did it.

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  • okay. can somebody please tell me what the picture for this achievement is. is it a dog wearing a racing helmet and a blue diaper, or a very big baby wearing a racing helmet.
  • It´s Baby Stig .
  • hahaha #2, you're awesome!
  • Does anyone know whether this achievement has to be on every track in an event or just one?
  • In rivals mode (under the community menu) set a time in each of the event types. You don't need to set a time in every single event, just one from each type
  • what if your time is not as good as someone elses...does it still count?
  • ummmm...problem!! first section of races in rivals....last race in section is ONLY OPEN TO GERMAN am i supposed to register a time???
  • You just need to complete a single race in all of the 7 categories to get this. Monthly, Top Gear, Hot Laps, Time Attack, Track Days, Autocross and Drift. Just did it and took like 15 minutes and the achievement popped no prob.
  • ExW4r is right, this is easy - thanks for the tip!
  • I'm having troubles with this one. I'm pretty sure i've played all rival modes at least once but am not getting the achievement. I am racing against rivals and winnig every time (times posted are deliberately very bad, why??)
  • Easy... just like #5 & #8 above said: Just complete one event in each of the 7 categories. For some reason, there are some ridiculously bad laptimes on there (like 10+ minutes/lap), so try to pick those to beat and it's simple.
  • when i do this i race all race in all every rival mode... but when i get the last on drift one.. do only one race and i lost the challenge... so i think do only one race per category and will be done lose to much time doing this....
  • R u in community or career cos I think this has to be done community
  • @Hawkeye305 I did it in Career. So I think it can be either. :D
  • in case anyone is still having problems with this one. it's has to be a CLEAN lap. no car damage, and stay on the track.
  • Confusing achievement
  • this is a stupid achievement!! do you have to set a time each event or each category i.e. drift,autocross,track day etc??? this really isn't worth 30g
  • Confusing achievement because some people make it so... No, you do NOT need a clean lap. Just set a time in each TYPE of race (not each race) and you're set.
  • Very confusing!
  • You don't need to make a perfect lap, you don't need to win against your rival, you have "to set a time"...Look closer to the the left of your screen, you'll see the name of your rival with his time...All you have simply to do is have a time next to your name after the very first lap...That's all !
  • #21 is right, it doesn't matter if you actually beat your rival as long as you finish the race and post your own time. I got this in like 10 mins Good luck xXLilxMafiaXx
  • Do the McLaren one in Community Monthly has it doesn't cost you MP for DLCars.
  • You get 30G and a free cap for your avatar for doing it. It does take a long time though!
  • It says "Post a time in every Rivals mode event." Not "Beat a time in every Rivals mode event." For fucks sake why does everyone have to make shit harder than it is?

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