Forza Faithful Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

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    Import a file from Forza Motorsport 3.

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    Luckily enough I was a big Forza addict before this game and I just happened to have a save on my HDD from FM3. If you don't, just rent the game or borrow it from a friend. Simples.

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  • and I thought that the achievements cant relate to other games. looks like without owning forza 3 you cant have 1000GS in forza 4. bullshit
  • This is shit. I dont want to play Forza 3 to finish forza 4. This achievement = no buy for me.
  • really curious what exactly will be brought from forza 3 to forza 4...
  • @2 Oh no, 15G. The world's going to end! Nevermind the other 985G in the game!
  • Wow, you guys won't buy the game just because of one achievement? What happened to playing games for fun?
  • Surely most people (such as myself) who are getting Forza 4 will already have a Forza 3 game save ... not a big deal really.
  • can't you just rent it and save a file and not play Froza 3 at all and still get the achievement like some games do anyway? lol
  • Forza 3 is actually cheaper to BUY at most game shops, than to rent. A few shops in my area want like $3-$5 for it.
  • @6 My thoughts exactly. I didn't play too much of it but I borrowed Forza 2 from a friend and I still own a copy of Forza 3 now (Yet to find time to finish..). As for the achievement, I'm thinking things like vinyls groups maybe? I remember making an ace one in 2 and being annoyed that I couldn't transfer it to 3 so maybe? :) Can't see that there's much else you'd be able to move over but I could be wrong.
  • I'm in agreement with a couple of the folks here. Since when are achievements the reason we buy games? We should be happy the option is even there. Some of you wouldn't have survived a single game back in the NES days, your all too spoiled from easy achievements & DLC. If I based the games I played on simply achievements half my gaming library wouldn't be there. As someone who doesn't play anything online at all I'd have missed out on some great games.
  • One more thing I just knew Turn10 would pull off after I read they would have a feature for that. To bad my old saves are gone. Damn that USB stick I bought just to be able to get some space on my HDD by putting all the huge Forza 3 stuff on there... But nevermind, a new one with just anything on it will do the trick just a good here.
  • My forza 3 file got corrupted so I deleted it. If I still didn't have the game I'd be pissed, but I would still get the game.
  • ... 980/1000
  • For people that don't want to do it, go to your local video game store. Buy a USED copy (make sure they have a return policy for used games), go home create a save, get the cheev to make sure it worked, and go return it for a full refund. There you go, I gotta agree -- as much as I like achievements, they've turned most of the gaming crowd into a bunch of cheap little whiners.
  • easy, have no3 and no2 if needed, all limited editions . greate fan of the series !!!!
  • they had to change that one pgr3 or prg4 achievement because they said achievements arent allowed to relate to any other games...but then again madden used to always have the import stuff from ncaa bs which is really retarded and not cool at all....
  • DAMN i 1000G'd forza3 then deleted the game save and sold it :(
  • I hate when people do bitching about achievements like these. I do not care for achievements although I try my best to get as much as possible without being too bored except for a few ones (Sometimes only one or 2 terrible achievements here & there) I do hate grinding achievements as it's cheap tactic to increase game life. BUT THIS I LOVE IT, Oh and I 1Ged Forza so they should give a few free credits or an early car unlock, will be great then.
  • 10 years of career? It better not be as boring as 3's career mode.
  • Will buy 1st day, still haven't finish forza 3.
  • @2 So because of that one achievement you're going to pass up a great game? If you've played Forza 3 you know this game is going to be badass and a must have for racing fans regardless of achievements.
  • My god do you love achievements so f**king much that you will pass up a brilliant game for points which are worthless
  • @3 if you bring forward your save you will get some cars gifted to you based on the cars in your garage. For example, if you have any of the 3 unicorns you will get those back as soon as you bring forward your game save. You will also get cars based on your level. For example if you have Level 20 you will get the Veyron. You can also bring forward Saved layer groups.
  • Lol at the whiners about this achievment. If you care so much about Forza 4, then you'll have played Forza 3 anyway. And if you haven't, well then you should have, since its the best racing game on the 360 to date.
  • What happen to this thread being about how to get the achievement. Is there not a discussion section on the forum to voice your complaints/comments. Stay on topic. Game is not even out (as of this posts entry), there should be no comments in here yet.
  • If you've played Forza 3 and have a saved game on your Xbox, when you first start playing Forza 4 the game will detect your old save and you'll be gifted up to 10 cars depending on how far you progressed. The game also gifts you a number of other special cars if you've owned them in Forza 3, so gamers loyal to the franchise can hit the ground running. There you have it, now haters, stop complaining.
  • @27 I imported a level 50 save file from Forza 3 and was gifted 13 cars. i think it is really nice that I don't have to buy them again and can do some more advanced races right out of the box. Also got the Unicorn Hunter achievement at the same time as this one, which is odd because I cannot remember having any unicorn cars. Maybe the VIP gift cars from Forza 3 count as unicorn?
  • Ok sooo at the beginning when it asks to import cars for the achievment we accidently said no how do we fix that?
  • Should be a nice easy achievement - just finishing up on Forza 3 to unlock a few extra cars for F4
  • @28 Same here, 13 cars and the Unicorn Hunter achievement. While I agree it technically does violate the achievement guidelines from MS (as I understand them), it is nice to have a bonus for being loyal to the series. Gameplay in FM4, by the way, is incredible. Easily the best in the series.
  • Forza 3 is one of the greatest cargame ever,and is still holding a place in top 5 of cargames :)
  • @29 If that is the case, you will have to delete your game save and re-do race 1, then say yes when it prompts you to.
  • @28 The VIP cars that are imported are Unicorns in F4.
  • The whole loyalty thing is not relevent. I have played all forza games on my old profile. Im not all that bothered about the 15g, but can this be cured by recovering a gamertag and saving a save file onto a flash drive, then loading that file to a profile with forza 4 on it? Will that not work?
  • @31 So, the only way to get this achievement is to have played Forza 3 before Forza 4? I mean, nobody is gonna delete their save file just in order to get an achievement. So much for 100% :/
  • You don't have to delete your save file, copy it to a spare hard drive if your that fussed about the achievement, that's what I plan to do, or if I enjoy playing the game that much like I did forza 3 before I got insanely stressed with it I will replay forza 3 to level 50 then delete my forza 4 to re start. Its not a big issue when the game is such a brilliant game. Something certain people need to get over.
  • can i put in forza 3 do a race and start up forza 4 (even tho i already started f4)?
  • why carnt i have my cars aswell
  • Hello, an answer for Types 92's question ? can i put in forza 3 do a race and start up forza 4 (even tho i already started f4)? thx by advance :)
  • #10 well said
  • did this just now was on looking at my decals and the ones i have bort and in the menue screen it side press x to import so i did and it imported the decals off of forza 3 and the achievement poped up sorry i cant give details one done it wont pop up again for me.
  • can i get this achievment if i get a somebody to import me a decal even though i already started to play forza4?
  • i imported a decal from forza 3 after i hade started forza 4 yes it works you just have to find the part on the decal screen that says import.
  • @44 could you send me a decal so i can get the achievment please? my gt is my "STAT 303954"
  • get froza 3 it sick its same as froza 4 but froza 3 has all the easy acheivments i got from froza 3 is 570G
  • Yeah i got 915G in forza 3 just need (Drift Lap) and (Solid Gold) anyway im playing forza 4 on a new save file but it wont let me start a new file so i can get the (Forza Faithful) achievement because i dont want to disrupt my current campiagn any help on how to solve this please...
  • It seems this Achievement has some kind of glitch if you can name it that? I played Forza 4 first and then put the Forza 3 Save on my HDD (because it was saved on a USB) but nothing happens. This seems to get only imported AND used after the first race of Forza 4 :(
  • I missed this achievement, apparently I said no at some option, then again I was surrounded by people yelling at me to do shit so I couldn't enjoy the game or take a moment to read anything, but I've been playing Forza since the first one on xbox, every game cleared thus far :) 985/1000 in 3, as for 2 I didnt feel like getting all the cars lol
  • I have completed Forza 3 (1000G), had it saved and still got the game. When I started to play Forza 4 i got 60,000CR and loads of cars because I had Forza 3 saved...AMAZING. Problem. My Xbox was taken when the house got burgled and I have now had to start again. How much of Forza 3 do I need to complete to get that bonus back and the cars. I have completed the first race and loaded up Forza 4 but it has not given me anything :-( HELP
  • can I just download a Free DLC from Forza 3 (cars for example) and try to import it using Forza 4???
  • what do i do if i have a forza 3 file, but didnt import it with forza 4 the first time it popped up. can i still go somewhere in the game to import it and get the achievemnt?
  • For the people who are saying to go rent a copy of forza 3 that wont work as then youll probably end up with a 5/1000 in that game.
  • >Save a vinyl group from FM3 >Load up FM4 >Play Career >Paint >My Vinyl Groups >Import (Y Button) >Achievement unlocked >Quit fucking bitching
  • It's called Forza Faithful for a reason.
  • Another one? :o Why do i keep having to buy shit for this game?
  • i actually bought forza 3 for this cheevo....but thats coz i wanted to play forza 3 anyways. i just happened to get this game with the new xbox i bought. :)
  • I ended up getting a free rental of this game so hopefully i can get it done now.
  • Well, once you do happen to get Forza 3 and play it, then how do you transfer the stuff over.
  • It only imported like 10 cars from my old garage(I have I think 60 something). Is there a way to re-download the save?
  • so I guess I simple yes or no will work. can I still import part 3? figures the only one I don't own!! FTW But horizon is pretty cool
  • Just need a save of forza3 or must finish forza3?

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