Kingpin Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

  • Kingpin



    Knock down a gold bowling pin in Car Bowling.

  • How to unlock Kingpin

    Just do a bowling event on the Top Gear Track and knock down a gold pin. If you are playing through the Season, you should get to attempt this pretty early on, and it is pretty much impossible to miss every golden pin... so you should at least hit one and get this. Pretty much a free achievement.

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  • i didn't know there was mini games
  • This should be fun, even though it'd wreak he paint job!
  • car bowling? that doesnt sound very safe
  • I got this doing the first Top Gear challenge in Season play.
  • It could be marked as "Story related", as for there is nothing special to do for this cheevo. Just start a career and play through the first set of races.
  • Very easy G, done at first time
  • Yeah thats why its just 5 G
  • This cheevo took me five goes to get.Just kidding.REALLY EASY TO GET.
  • would have been more fun if you could do it in a warthog!!
  • This is too simple!

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