Ferrari Collector Achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

  • Ferrari Collector



    Own every Ferrari included on Disc 1.

  • How to unlock Ferrari Collector

    Here is the full Ferrari list, own them all and get yourself this achievement:

    1969 Dino 264 GT - 55,000
    1957 Ferrari 250 California - 3 million
    1957 250 TR - 8million
    1968 365 GTB/4 - 270,000
    1964 250GTO - 10million
    1991 512 TR - 75,000
    2009 California - 220,000
    1984 GTO - 320,000
    19999 360 modena - 90,000
    1967 330 P4 - 9million (this is a level reward car)
    2004 F430 - 150,000
    1987 F40 - 380,000
    1995 F50 - 400,000
    2006 599 GTB Fiorano - 310,000
    2011 FF - 280,000
    2010 458 Italia - 240,000
    2011 599GTO - 370,000
    2002 Enzo - 1.3million
    2010 #89 F430GT - 1million
    2010 #83 F430GT - 1million
    2010 599xx - 1.5million
    1998 #12 Risi F333 - 2.2mill

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  • This is the ONLY car manufacturer right that Turn 10 owns. Not sure if they put this in because of their license or to maybe give EA a sign for the whole Porsche deal. Haha
  • Disc 1? So is there 2 discs for this or something?
  • their was 2 for FM3 so yeah why wouldn't there be
  • disc 3 is additional cars and tracks u need to install both disks which is a no brainer anywayz
  • I'd expect there to be alot, 30+.
  • go here
  • go here
  • @6+7 Fuck off.
  • @#1 no ferrari isn't exclusive. ferrari were in the last couple need for speed games as well
  • easy, as i will have all cars in game anyway, just matter of time :D
  • @#9 Yes, Turn 10 has the exclusive licence to Ferrari on the Xbox and PC. They do however let other games use the cars unlike the recent EA situation where they are not allowing the use of Porsche as commentor #1 mentioned.
  • They better have Porche in this game I'll be highly pissed if I can't have a 997 v2 GT3 RS
  • forza 4 should have porshes as im pretty sure that forza 3 had porshes as well?
  • @13 i just found that out on the interwebs Turn 10 said that EA would not let them use Porsche in 4 after letting them put 35 in 3. This just means that i will never buy another NFS game good job EA.
  • @#14 I know they should but as most people have already mentioned, they wont :(
  • @13 Man this game just won't feel right to me with out Porches.
  • Porsche was my favorite car manufacturer - nothing handled quite like a perfectly tuned 997.
  • There will be no Porsche, but we will have Ruf, which are tuned up Porsches.
  • I pray to god the 2nd disk has the 250 GTO, Testa Rossa, and 330. Thats 46 million right there. :(
  • @20 I hope to god that the 250 GTO, Testa Rossa, and 330 are all gifts for those who have them in FM3 and bring their save game over.
  • @21 - Unfortunately... no. They only grant DLC cars als loyalty reward: And I really hate it... Lexus LF-A... unobtainable for a day 1 buyer -.-
  • This Achievement sucks, like the "Exclusive Taste" Achievement. I think Turn10 is trying to boost their Car Token sells :/
  • @Hasselhoff1337 Good point, I bet your right! :(
  • id rather have this achievement than the forza 2 "buy every car in the game"
  • I'm sure you can get most of these (including the most expensive cars) as gifts when you level. I know for a fact that you can get the 330 P4 for free at level 30 if you choose it. And I think I read somewhere that you can level up to Level 150, so...yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities to get the cars.
  • @26 There are 150 levels but you stop getting car rewards at lvl 50
  • For anyone who wants to know the full disc 1 Ferrari list: 1969 Dino 264 GT - 55,000 1957 Ferrari 250 California - 3 million 1957 250 TR - 8million 1968 365 GTB/4 - 270,000 1964 250GTO - 10million 1991 512 TR - 75,000 2009 California - 220,000 1984 GTO - 320,000 19999 360 modena - 90,000 1967 330 P4 - 9million (this is a level reward car) 2004 F430 - 150,000 1987 F40 - 380,000 1995 F50 - 400,000 2006 599 GTB Fiorano - 310,000 2011 FF - 280,000 2010 458 Italia - 240,000 2011 599GTO - 370,000 2002 Enzo - 1.3million 2010 #89 F430GT - 1million 2010 #83 F430GT - 1million 2010 599xx - 1.5million 1998 #12 Risi F333 - 2.2mill
  • Some of these cars are gifts for levelling up. You get the 1968 365 GTB/4 at level 16, 1980 GTO at level 25, 2004 F430 at level 28, 1967 330 P4 at level 30, 1995 F50 at level 31, 2010 458 italia at level 34 and 2011 599 GTO at level 36. There is a full list of level reward cars on GameSpot.
  • I own the top 13 most expensive Ferrari's now. The cars I need still are all under 1,000,000. Whew that'll be done soon I hope.
  • @29, or whoever may know more info, when you level up your driver you get to select from a handful of cars. Will all these cars be available for sale or are there certain ones at each level that you can only get at that time in the game, cause that would be pretty lame.
  • Own every Ferrari included on Disc 1?
  • THX!
  • i hate ferarri's. oh well, hopefully a forza veteran and achievement hunter will be picking this up soon, we can gift them to each other and work together for this
  • @23# - Agreed. Car token sales will rise because I personally could not be bothered to wait to get the Exclusive Tastes achi so just brought tokens for 960MS and bang, 50GP. @26# You can definately get a few of the cars from when you level up etc. As a tip though, don't try and sell them for the amount you buy them, got no chance. 10million CR cars going for 300,000 on AH. Beautiful lols. Oh and if you use the tokens you can't re-sell the cars.
  • it would help if it told you which ones are on disc one and on disc two
  • if you want the most expensive Ferrari's for FREE add me . already helped 6 ppl get this achievement .
  • @37 add me if you can help me get the most expensive Farrari's :). GT is SchottayB, thanks dude!
  • sorry people offer now over , to many requests am now all out of credits congrats to everyone who got through. good luck with the rest of the achievements1 :).
  • @39 - Big thanks to you for helping me get this chevo mate! ;)
  • plz someone let us know the ferrari's on disc 1 only #28's just listed every ferrari also any1 know how i get my little gamer picture working on this cant find info in the forums
  • anyone need a hand with this achievment let me know! message me GT: jimbob91190
  • #28s list is correct, if you actually read it it isn't every ferrari as #41 says
  • Need help with this if theres any Forza 4, Millionaire, Sugar Daddy's out there?
  • Gamertag - knowlesey1988 ^^^^
  • I'm 23.8mil away, FML. Also, I'm pretty sure the #83 Risi F430GT is a level reward car too.
  • I Have quite a few ferraris, except i only have 9 of the required ones. So if anyone would like to help me get this achievement i am willing to help them too. My gamertag is Tormenter of Pa
  • Hey, could someone help me out with this cheevo? GT: AA x driv3r
  • need 4 ferraris for achievement - 250 california - 250 testa rossa - 250 gto - #89 hankook team farnbacher f430gt any1 with these cars willing to gift me them then ill gift them straight back please msg me if your willing to help out GT : SLBK Nick
  • lying actually i also need a ferrari enzo but im only 400,000 off that
  • right thats me got this achievement if any1 needs any help getting just send me a msg GT: SLBK Nick
  • sorry folks cant actually help cause i bought the cars with tokens cant gift or auction token cars which is total bullshit if u ask me
  • I still need this one, anyone willing to gift me the cars, i will gift them straight back. Thanks in advance! GT: USMC Turner
  • can't wait to own them all :P
  • i guess that would be an achievement i won't get.
  • This is really easy if you think about the shear money you get through Event List racing. 200,000 + every time you level up past lv 30 leveling up is easy. 100,000 + for car level past a certain level. If you aim to complete the event list and get a car to level 50 and both are based on time not skill then you should have no problem getting the 40 million plus needed for the Ferrari's. I have both Ferrari and 5 most expensive cars achievements and still have a ton of races to go. You get ample money.
  • To add to the above you don't have to own every Ferrari that's not DLC I got the achievement with 2 more cars to buy. Excluding DLC 3 if you count add on cars.
  • I got this achievemnt last night by racing the events and leveling up my car. I think I was making around 700k credits for each world series event.
  • if someone could help me out with this and exclusive taste that would be great i may even throw in a reward for doing so :) gamertag:MLP Jamez
  • Hi I'm in need of :- 1957 Ferrari 250 California 1957 250 TR 1964 250GTO Enzo 599xx #12 Risi F333 if anyone could gift with a swift gift back and also ill buy a crappy car off the helper for 1 mil for there help would be much appriciated GT - Ironide 88 cheers
  • I have an extra ferrari 330 p4 if anyone can help me with the rest of this achievement ill let you keep it GT joshcb7
  • Would anyone be willing to help with this acheivement? I will gift the cars right back and can throw in some extra cash down the line if anyone is willing to wait till I have completed more of the game.
  • I need the following 5 cars left for this. 1957 Ferrari 250 California 1998 #12 Risi F333 2002 Enzo 2010 #89 F430GT 2010 599xx If anyone can gift them to me I will send them back to you. I have the rest and can help you out with the achievement as well if you have these but missing some that I have. Thanks GT = AltezzaBoy12
  • Looking to borrow the last 3 I need for the achievement, can gift them right back. 1957 Ferrari 250 California 1964 250GTO 1957 250 TR GT: x Catastrophe x
  • @63 @64, youre both idiots!!!!!!
  • Only 8 cars away from this cheevo c:
  • Just need the 1998 Risi F333 Can any one gift I'll gift straight back?
  • There are 22 Ferrari's needed for this cheevo, 7 can be unlocked by levels. Also 3 of the cars below will go towards getting the exclusive taste achievement so hold on to them if you are going to sell them. Below are the Ferrari's needed plus the price they normally cost in the store. NOTE: Some cars below can be bought for much less on auction than they are in the forza shop and also these cars can be bought with tokens but if bought with them they can not be gifted or put on the auction afterwards. 1. 1998 #12 Risi F333 - 2,200,000CR 2. 2010 #83 F430GT - 1,000,000CR (or level 38 reward) 3. 2010 #89 F430GT - 1,000,000CR 4. 1957 250 TR* - 8,000,000CR 5. 1964 250 GTO* - 10,000,000CR 6. 1967 330 P4* - 9,000,000CR (or level 30 reward) 7. 1999 360 Modena - 90,000CR 8. 1968 365
  • Sorry guys i think i may of wrote to much above. Part 2 8. 1968 365 GTB/4 - 270,000CR (or level 16 reward) 9. 2010 458 Italia - 240,000CR (or level 34 reward) 10. 1991 512 TR - 75,000CR 11. 2006 599 GTB Fiorano - 310,000CR 12. 2011 599 GTO - 370,000CR (or level 36 reward) 13. 2010 599xx - 1,500,000CR 14. 2009 California - 220,000CR 15. 1969 Dino 264 GT - 55,000CR 16. 2002 Enzo - 1,300,000CR 17. 1987 F40 - 380,000CR 18. 2004 F430 - 150,000 (or level 28 reward) 19. 1995 F50 - 400,000 (or level 31 reward) 20. 1957 Ferrari 250 California - 3,000,000CR 21. 2011 FF - 280,000CR 22. 1984 GTO - 320,000CR (or level 25 reward) *Also Exclusive Taste Achievement
  • could someone please gift me all these cars
  • Only just realised i've been buying ones on Disc 2. Though i do now just need £4.5m worth of cars rather than £9m more than was before i saw this thread! :P
  • Have spent a fortune buying the cars in the list from #68E and only have the really expensive ones left. Could anyone help please by gifting the following? I will, of course, gift straight back when the cheevo pops. These are the only 3 I need: 1957 250 TR 1964 250 GTO 1967 330 P4 GT: Cracklehands. Thanks folks
  • Have put up all my ferraris for auction at less than manufacturer sale price if people are interested but they're not gonna be on for long 4 sold while I was still auctioning them off username is GripsyChungTing
  • There seems to be more in the buy list that havent been listed above, are these disc 2 cars that are not needed for own all ferrari's ach? 1994 F355 Berlinetta 58,000 2002 575M Maranello 120,000 2004 612 Scaplietti 130,000 1995 355 Challenge 75,000 1996 F50GT 1.2 Mil #90 F430T 1mil #62 f430T 1 mil FXX 2.5mil F40 Comp 1.5mil
  • @71 yeah i hope these extras are disc 2 and are not needed that means i only need 7mil & not 16mil!
  • i need the following ferraries 250GTO 250 TR 250 CALIFORNIA if you could help that would be great, Will gift you them all back, Jo3jackson69 ,, add if can help cheers
  • Unfortunatelly, Hungarians can not buy Car Tokens from Xbox Live. :( Can somebody lent me the 1957 250 TR and the 1964 250 GTO to get this achievement? I send them back immediatelly after getting the achievement points. Sorry, my English is poor. My email: [email protected] gamertag: crahpipi1983 Thanx!
  • can someone please gift me all these cars. I'll give them back immediately add iKick0ldPeople7 Thanks
  • Hi, If someone will gift me the cars i need i will give them back with a bit extra credits as well for saying thank you. Will help anybody else as well get any achievement. E-mail me: [email protected] Gamer tag: PB 2k09 Thank you :)
  • look at this:o
  • I would be happy to return the favor if anyone nedds help GT: Da Monstuh
  • Need help with most of these cars other than the ones under 100k and the level reward ones, if anyone could please gift any of them I'd really appreciate it, GT: Topher347
  • After my son was born, I don't have the time in my life to get these! Can somebody please gift me the following cars: 1958 Aston Martin DBR1 Ferrari: 1998 #12 Risi F333 1957 250 TR 1964 250 GTO 2006 599 GTB Fiorano 2010 599xx 2002 Enzo 1987 F40 1957 Ferrari 250 California I will use the 250TR for a race on the event list, but I will return them all immediately after! Thanks in advance! GT: Dark Angel Arus
  • the worst will be the 330 P4!
  • Can someone help me out with this? I will send the cars back because i will not need them after. Just send me a message :)
  • If someone could help me out with this that would be great. I have no need to keep the cars so you don't have to worry about that! GT NamelesLiberty
  • people are crazy for gifting cars to people! i helped a dude out on forza 2, the achievement for owning every car, and the asshole kept the cars i gifted him. i will never help boost another achievement like this one again, unless i personally know them!
  • Man I could really use some help with this dumb achievement If any one cares to help my gt is my username thanks :)
  • Needing a few of the expensive ones if someone wants to trade up or let me use them for the achievement gt pokeytubbs
  • Requesting loans of these Ferraris. WILL give them back the cars after 1st day of receiving. 100% Guaranteed! I'm not messed up like some people are with not gifting them back : Gamertag: Zenzational
  • Any 1 will to help with this acheivement ?
  • thanks #68 ukmurderz your list was extremely helpful
  • by the way I hope nobody is actually loaning all these cars to the lazy a-holes in this thread who keep asking for gifts. lol
  • If anyone could please give me the 599 GTB fiorano and the #89 team Penske I would be really greatful thanks Gt: maramamariooo
  • Hey guys, I just need a 1957 Ferrari 250 TestaRosa to get this achievement. If someone can gift me on I will return it and also gift you back a high end car. Anyone that has seen me on this board will know I'm good on my word. GT= Mikey V69. Just message me before adding me as a friend first. Thanks!
  • Still missing 250 GTO, 250 TR, 250 California and #12 F333. If anyone wants to lend them for me, I will send ALL of my ferraris to you after I got the achievement. Also it would be cool if it would be possible to get the exclusive taste also (which requires aston martin DBR1 also, already got the shelby). GT: IVandaaliI
  • Not counting the 8 cars you can choose for certain levels you only need $28,410,000. As #56 pointed out above you will get piles of money if you just keep going in the game. This and Exclusive Tastes will both come naturally long before Bucket List.
  • Do I go for this first or do I go for Exclusive Taste...hmm
  • At last i´ve got it!
  • Need help with this one. I'll gift the cars back. GT: DustnWearsPrada
  • Could anyone please gift me the following: 250 California, 250TR, 250 GTO, F40, 2002 Enzo, #89 F430 GT, 599 XX and #12 F353 so I can get the achievement will gift them back afterwards GT: BR4NN4Z
  • I need help with this achievement,i have some ferrari and some million credits,so if you have one the expensive 250 i can buy the other ,unlock the achievement,send the 2 250 and then you can send back the car i bought
  • If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. My gamertag is EveryoneGetDown
  • There is a credit modder selling 250 gtos in the auction house his gamertag: LS COOL7. I am trying to get his auctions put under review. Any one that goes down the list of his auctions and reports them all send me a message saying "reported" when his auctions go under review I will send out free 250 GTOs to all that messaged me. I have accumulated max credits on multiple hard drives over the years. Its a drop in the bucket for me. my gt: klawrence
  • Looking to pool credits with someone to get this and exclusive taste. I have about half of the cars required for each - I have everything but the most expensive ferrari's, meaning we can both get the achievements quickly. Message me at Tom Rowland 12 on xbox if you're interested.
  • Looking to pool credits with someone to get this and exclusive taste. I have about half of the cars required for each - I have everything but the most expensive ferrari's, meaning we can both get the achievements quickly. Message me at Tom Rowland 12 on xbox if you're interested.
  • in similar situation - which ones do you require?
  • please help me with this achievement. write me GT Segatasanshiro2 and you get a present :D

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