Golden Standard Achievement

  • Golden Standard



    Earn 400 gold medals in Career races.

    Presuming you start at the beginning and race all available series in order, skipping the bonus races, and either earn gold or restart each race until you do so, when you are done with your 40th Championship Series you will have 373 gold medals (this presumes you skip one of the 10 race championships). At this point you will need to complete any 27 bonus events, of which there are 214 to choose from.

    Once you complete the 400th gold medal, this achievement will unlock.

  • *sigh* I wonder how long this will take
  • @1 hopefully longer than Forza 4, that was shorter than Forza 3. Disappointing. But I was hoping FM5 would have another Solid Gold/Bucket list achievement.
  • @ #2... I agree that it's disappointing that there is no "Bucket List" achievement, even though I'm still working on mine because I started Forza 4 a year ago, I think this is Turn 10's version of it. I'm assuming there will be an events section for races still.
  • Watching a video it looks like gold is awarded in some races for finishing in third place or better! Thankfully no longer feel pressured into restarting mid race to finish first every time. That's something that really took me out of the game in previous iterations
  • I remember something popping up about getting first will no longer yield more credits. Getting gold while racing more advanced drivatars and increasing the difficulty will. So far every race will give you gold for third or better.
  • forza has the most boring achievements ever i wish they had made 50 not 70, infact this diserves somthing like 50-75 gamerscore, not 25! its like they're pointing the middle finger to us
  • I came back to this game a couple weeks ago whilst waiting for another game to install its enormous 2GB update. I still hate it. These achievements are so tedious, I mean, 400 golds? I think that as the game is so unplayable driving wise and not even remotely fun this was the only way they could get anyone to play it for more than a week. No way I'll be getting 100% on this one.

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