My Kind of Car Achievement

  • My Kind of Car



    Reach Affinity level 1 with any car manufacturer.

    As you complete races you will earn XP based on the length of the race that is used to level up both your driver level and your affinity level for the car manufacturer. This XP is not affected by assists or Drivatar difficulty (those both affect how much money you make, not XP). You start at level zero, and level one unlocks at 5,000 XP. You will earn this before the end of your first Championship series.

    To view your affinity levels you can go into the Forza Profile from the main menu and choose Affinity in the menu at the top. This will show you every manufacturer you have driven a vehicle from, your current affinity for each one to the right, and a progress bar showing how long until the next affinity level. If you scroll down through the list, more detail is provided in a stats box to the far right.

  • Did not receive this achievement and driver level 3. What's going on ?
  • @1 you cannot unlock achievements while not connected to xbox live. Are you playing offline?
  • its not driver level. Its affinity level. Drive one car more than others.
  • I did not get this either and I'm at level 2 with Hyundai..yes playing online. Very strange!

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