First Five Achievement

  • First Five



    Earn 5 medals in Multiplayer races.

    You can join public matches and earn medals if you place high enough. Alternately, if you have one partner to boost this with, you can do it all in a private lobby as detailed below:

    From the main Forza screen, choose Multiplayer, press to create a private match and to confirm. Once the vehicle selection screen opens, choose a car that is rated B or below. At this point you will be in the lobby. Invite your boosting partner in to the lobby and ensure he picks a vehicle rated B or below, and then press to change the options to match these choices:
    Game Type: Drag
    Track: 8-player 1/4-mile drag
    Max Players: 8
    Max Drivatars: 6
    Drivatar Difficulty: New Racer
    Heats: 10
    Car Class: Any
    Under Advanced Rules, change the End of Race Timer to 5 seconds.

    When you go back to the lobby, all the Drivatars will have a class of car that matches yours. Both you and your boosting partner will need to press to go back into the settings and choose to change your vehicle. Opt to rent a car and choose the 2013 Chevrolet #1 Andretti Autosport Dallara DW 12, which is the fastest rentable car. You will both end up back in the lobby with your fast cars racing against the lower rated vehicles the Drivatars are using, making the drag race basically an automatic gold and silver for the two of you, ending in about 13 seconds. Because the car is rented, you will earn no money or XP, which skips those screens and significantly speeds up the process. If you press at each Post-Race screen, it will take approximately 4-5 minutes to complete the 10 heats, at which point you will be back in the lobby. Press to restart the process.

    Note that you can change the length to 1 mile instead of a quarter mile if you want to work on the Affinity level for a manufacturer at the same time, and then instead of renting a car pick a fast vehicle from the manufacturer you are leveling up. It adds about five minutes to the amount of time boosting each set of 10 heats.

    The achievement will unlock at the end of the heat in which you get your fifth medal.

  • Every achievement after this one is a joke,its almost impossible to get into a multiplayer race
  • I keep getting kicked back to the xbox one dashboard equivalent, Besides which who the hell thought that multiplayer Forza was a good idea in the first place!? Might as well be dodgems, Very little to do with racing lines, perfect apex and tight, late braking. Translates poorly into trash talk, ramming and people rage quitting cos they got rear ended and dropped from 2nd place to 11th. As #1 said, If they can even get into a race before it all falls down. The idea of 300+ multiplayer medals is once again a test of patience and perseverance more than anythng else.
  • The achievements for this game almost no different than any other racing game. I agree with #2, these achievements will take lots of patience and perseverance.
  • online is a demolition derby. at first I felt kinda bad dumping someone on accident! but now fuck it your gonna get a dumbass doing donuts on the finish line or going headon im gonna KYLE BUSCH your ass!
  • this achievement is super easy on Drag - Unlimited. I have created a BMW 2002 Turbo design and tune, which gets 8.4 second 1/4 mile, and will win a medal 99% of the time, it also gets you the lead dog achievement (1000 miles leading) very easily and quickly. I would appreciate if you used them and they will benefit you. the tune is called 1 mile drag, by DanAsker, and the design is called Tap Rally.
  • looking for a boosting partner for these mp medal trophies in drag mode with 6 drivitars, and me if your interested thundercutter17 cheers
  • Looking to do all the multiplayer achievements, message me. GT westchelmaidz
  • Can you unlock this achievement racing against just drivatars??? or do you need another actual human???
  • Looking for partner(s) to boost all multiplayer achievements. My gamertag is the same as my username: plnkfloydian
  • I need partner for this. CristianSed27
  • Hey guys, Kinda late, but since I'm not able to create private lobbies, I'm looking for a partner to boost this cheevo with drag racing + drivatars (meaning everyone gets a medal, and we can do the leading miles cheevo too). Gamertag is my username. If you need help with other FM cheevos, I can help. Thanks!

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