Full Medal Jacket Achievement

  • Full Medal Jacket



    Earn 325 medals in Multiplayer races.

    You can join public matches and earn medals if you place high enough. Alternately, if you have one partner to boost this with, you can do it all in a private lobby as detailed below:

    From the main Forza screen, choose Multiplayer, press to create a private match and to confirm. Once the vehicle selection screen opens, choose a car that is rated B or below. At this point you will be in the lobby. Invite your boosting partner in to the lobby and ensure he picks a vehicle rated B or below, and then press to change the options to match these choices:
    Game Type: Drag
    Track: 8-player 1/4-mile drag
    Max Players: 8
    Max Drivatars: 6
    Drivatar Difficulty: New Racer
    Heats: 10
    Car Class: Any
    Under Advanced Rules, change the End of Race Timer to 5 seconds.

    When you go back to the lobby, all the Drivatars will have a class of car that matches yours. Both you and your boosting partner will need to press to go back into the settings and choose to change your vehicle. Opt to rent a car and choose the 2013 Chevrolet #1 Andretti Autosport Dallara DW 12, which is the fastest rentable car. You will both end up back in the lobby with your fast cars racing against the lower rated vehicles the Drivatars are using, making the drag race basically an automatic gold and silver for the two of you, ending in about 13 seconds. Because the car is rented, you will earn no money or XP, which skips those screens and significantly speeds up the process. If you press at each Post-Race screen, it will take approximately 4-5 minutes to complete the 10 heats, at which point you will be back in the lobby. Press to restart the process.

    Note that you can change the length to 1 mile instead of a quarter mile if you want to work on the Affinity level for a manufacturer at the same time, and then instead of renting a car pick a fast vehicle from the manufacturer you are leveling up. It adds about five minutes to the amount of time boosting each set of 10 heats.

    The achievement will unlock at the end of the heat in which you get your three hundred twenty fifth medal.

  • Is there a way to boost this in a private match?
  • Boost medals on the drag strip u get one per heat ,my vw bug tune does well in the 2 car race cause its low class puts it against easy opponents, struggles in 8 car race tho but even bronze counts
  • you can earn xp, credits, and medals in private, you need at least 2 human people to earn medals though. I always put drivatars on and their difficulty can be put to any difficulty.
  • Looking for someone to help boost this.. Can get 8-10 medals every 5 minutes.. Gamertag is norqueatsz
  • looking for someone to help boost this if anyone is down. Gamertaf enjoyyghost
  • Same here looking for someone to boost this and the lead achievement mileage wise GT Wikusgray
  • I'm looking to boost this if anyone is interested. GT - BigSilentRob
  • If anyone wants to boost this message me gt: HighGrade 91 We can use each others designs and tunings too if needed
  • If anyone wants to boost this add and then message me GT Aeserath
  • im game for boosting this, i have this on Games on demand, so any time im needed message me! Bird V3
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  • Add me too Toppsy92
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  • Hi. Need help to get those medals, so do I. On UK time and available most afternoons Gamertag: ShaunStarr
  • I need help with this please add if you wanna boost GT: xXSullenDongXx
  • FORZA MOTORSPORT 5, 1000/1000G for "E vee dub" May 2nd, 2014.
  • Anyone can message me if they wanna boast any multiplayer achievements. GT is GoEagles247
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  • Message me if you want to boost this. I'll set up the match for quick medals! (I think it's roughly 10 medals every 5 minutes depending on loading times) Im free this week so would love to get it done ASAP! message me my GT is - silver chriz Also I don't have a mic :( so can only contact through messages. Thankfully smart glass makes it quick and easy though. Lol
  • Hello, I would also like to boost for all the medal achievements. My GT is Vs Predator, message me anytime, thanks.
  • lets boost my GT is kriegir
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  • If anyone wants to boost this my gamertag is the same as my name: Darkness0079. just send me a message on xbox live
  • Looking to boost all multiplayer achievements, my GT is Gutturaldust5
  • Ok, i will boost this too... But only 50 medals or so at a time because i can't deal with sitting holding one button for that long.. LOl... So if you want to do it over a few days holler at me gt is gillanaut
  • Need this achievement. I am willing to stay on until it's finished and can be on usually at any time of the day. Just message me on xbox live if you want to boost this GT: NcSteele
  • GT: RDJW5 Able to do this achievement in one sitting Message me to boost
  • Need this achievement. I am willing to stay on until it's finished and can be on usually at any time of the day. Just message me on xbox live if you want to boost this GT: VLADANRAVEN
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  • hmm tempted to boost the rest of this...just to get some of the last 125 done haha GT luny lunacide
  • I'm at about 125 medals. Looking to finish it off. GT: Loadali
  • never mind my post Ive got about 5 medals to do now. Ive found best way to do it is play Pass the it (real tag). 5minutes a race, 1min 30ish in lobby means a medal every 7ish mins. isn't quick but quicker than any other non boosting route. just got to make sure you place high enough to at least get bronze (if people aren't playing including the it car just bash them into the it car) does take some amount of time, Ive gone out when half the room aren't playing left it running for a few hours to gain a few medals as well
  • Looking to boost this. Add: dnlshllrd
  • Looking to boost this as well as the tune setups/ paint jobs (which we can do at the same time) and the photos. Message me on XBL: N1NJA GEORGE
  • Anyone looking to boost this achievement send me a message on xbox live. Gamertag: xRieker
  • Help need to boost this add me Xbox live user name Is : STILLOTTO
  • add GT swanee28 to help boost with this
  • Still need to boost this. I only have around 10 medals and I'm willing to play in the evenings. I live in Mountain Time.
  • Need help also with all these, happy to take turns doing them. please add me. GT: rutger69
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  • Don't even bother with boosting on this. Here's a fool proof method for getting all 325 medals AND boosting your affinity as well. Set up a D or C class car you would like to increase your affinity with. Enter the unlimited drag lobby and tape your right trigger down, put your controller down and come back in an hour or whenever you feel like it. Boom, Achievement Unlocked. The game puts players up against each other based on their car class. If there is an odd number of players, you will probably be the only player with a low class car, so the game puts you in a race by yourself which will give you 3 free gold medals. It's just the most time consuming method, but it will work. I have over 500 medals with this method and I'm just boosting affinity now. The only negative is if t
  • Comment cut off Anyway the only negative is if the game boots you, which is why you should keep checking on it. You have all the info you need, good luck!
  • who wanna boost this?, GT rxfx1908 message me
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  • Msg me if youre interested !
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  • Already got 67% done. Let´s go for it!
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  • Hey guys, Kinda late, but since I'm not able to create private lobbies, I'm looking for a partner to boost this cheevo with drag racing + drivatars (meaning everyone gets a medal, and we can do the leading miles cheevo too). Gamertag is my username. If you need help with other FM cheevos, I can help. Thanks!
  • Im looking for anyone who'd be interested in doing this over the next week or so. My XBL Gold expires by then so I'd like to try to get as many multiplayer achievements as possible, and willing to work together on it. My XBL Gamertag is Scolirk.
  • Looking for someone to boost all multiplayer cheevos with. Tag: Mythunde
  • Hi, I'm looking for someone to boost this achievement. My gamertag is my username: gaznik80
  • Anyone wants to do the achievement together? I just started the game due to GWG so a lot of races to do ;) Just add and contact me "VikingDonut".
  • If anyone is looking for someone to do this let me know Justargyleman
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  • Looking to boost this and the other online achievements GT is Devonaldineho

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