Sidewinder Achievement

  • Sidewinder



    Earn 20 perfect Drift scores.


    As a rule, during the campaign you will want to avoid drifting since it slows you down around corners. There are some multiplayer lobbies specifically designed for drifting, but the easiest method to earn Sidewinder is in a private multiplayer lobby with one Drivatar.

    This is much easier if you set the drift counter to display on your HUD instead of the default lap time. Do this in the Forza Profile screen from the main menu. scroll to the HUD option at the top of the screen and press and then change Drift HUD to ON and press to save.

    From the main Forza screen, choose Multiplayer, press to create a private match and to confirm. Once the vehicle selection screen opens, choose a car that is rated B or below. At this point you will be in the lobby, so press to change the options to match these choices:
    Game Type: Circuit Race
    Environment: Indianapolis
    Track: Indianapolis Oval
    Max Players: 2
    Max Drivatars: 1
    Drivatar Difficulty: New Racer
    Laps: 15
    Damage: Cosmetic
    Collision Mode: Always Off
    Car Class: Any

    In the assists menu, turn off TCS, STM, and ABS. Choose or rent any fast car that you are comfortable with rated S or above.

    You need to hit the corner out of the straightaway at 180mph or above, turn slightly to the left and tap the for the emergency brake. This should put you in a drift, and then it is a matter of drifting long enough to rack up 5,000 points and recovering without touching the wall or the grass. You get two opportunities per lap (other than the first lap where you won't be going fast enough at turn 1) so in a 15 lap race you can attempt this 29 times.

    Note that there is also an achievement for scoring 7,000 in one drift (Drifting Away) that you should attempt to unlock at the same time.

    Here is a video from OctagonQontrol getting it done:

  • Use Ferrari F12, Search the tune "7000 Drift Achievement". Go to Indianapolis speedway (Oval) and turn off all of your assists. Video:
  • EDIT: Video
  • I got a much better guide here. It gives full detail and walk-through on how to perfectly drift. This can also get you the sidewinder achievement. -Buy an Ariel Atom and download the tuning from misterrniceguy. -Go to the oval on Indianapolis Motor Speedway in free play. Give yourself plenty of laps. Turn off all assists except collision. You can be manual or manual + clutch. -Approach each turn in 5th gear. -Drift away. Hope this helps y'all!
  • I did this with the Ariel Atom on free play and it wasnt even counting my perfect drifts. Do i need to finish the race?
  • I went into the achievements app and it had no blue bar showing progress and additionally said 0% completed.
  • I can confirm that you do need to finish the races for it to count towards the achievement. DO NOT leave the race early.
  • @3 thanks man! worked like a charm!
  • Do u have to get all 20 drifts in one race?
  • ...
  • For those late bloomers here looking to get this achievement, I just completed it in Test Drive. Most will say "No you can't", well, I'm saying "Yes you can" as I just did it. I went to Indianapolis Oval, like many others, and did 12 laps around the track in a 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe using a beginner tune I tuned myself. Just search for my GT, which is JTerk438. The tune is called Drifter. A Note on the tune: I tuned it to use for the California Drifter achievement on Long Beach, but haven't tried it there yet, as that achievement sucks. On Indy Oval, use manual transmission, and 5th gear going into turns 1 and 3. You will have to use the E-Brake though. Once it's sliding, use throttle to control how long you want to slide, let up off the throttle to straighten up.

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