Movin' Up Achievement

  • Movin' Up



    Earn 125 perfect Pass scores.


    A Perfect Pass is earned when you rapidly pass another vehicle in close proximity. You need to have a certain differential in speed (my estimate is roughly 30 mph, but that is just eyeballing it) and have a very small distance between the sides of your car. If you are not close enough you will get an on-screen notification that says "Good Pass" instead. If you go off the track or touch the other car you will not get credit for any type of pass, so avoid both of those. It is possible to earn these on a turn, but much easier on a straightaway.

    This is an achievement that should come naturally as you play the game as long as you work on it. Every Chase Event and Track Day is perfect to earn 10-30 Perfect Passes since the track has multiple vehicles moving much slower than you. You can also earn this in multiplayer.

  • This one gets done on its own, but if you want it done quicker, just do as many close passes as you can in the career races where you need to pass a number of slower cars. You can get ~20 passes per event in those.

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