Museum Quality Achievement

  • Museum Quality



    Earn 15,000 credits from the community using your designs.

    For best efficiency, do this at the same time you work on the three tuner achievements. This is easiest to do with a second profile on your Xbox One, but you can also do it with a group of 15-20 other people where you each commit to a 2-3 week boosting process consuming about 20 minutes a day. This guide is written based on doing this solo with a second profile.

    On your main profile you will need to create and share a paint job for one of the cars initially given at start of the career. To do this, go to the Career menu, choose Car, and get in the vehicle in question. This will place you back at the Career menu, so choose Car and then Paint. You can apply decals, create vinyl groups, etc. The fastest approach is merely to paint the car all one color, then press and choose "Apply to car and save". In the menu across the top of the screen, scroll over to "My Designs" and press . Your current car and design should be selected, so press and choose "Share". Choose two keywords (mandatory, but which ones don't matter) and then any description you wish, then choose "Share". At this point, your design is able to be downloaded and used by others in the community.

    Now switch to your second profile. If you haven't created one on your Xbox One previously, you need an email address to do so, and Microsoft will give you one at no charge if you go to When you are signed in to your second profile you will need to load up Forza 5. Note that if you have never played Forza 5 on the second profile before, you will need to progress slightly in the campaign before it will let you exit to the main menu. When you are selecting your initial vehicle, pick the same car as you chose above on your main profile.

    Once you can get to the main menu with your second profile, go to Career, Car, Paint, and choose "Find New Designs". Press the search button and under Creator put in your main gamertag and choose "Search". The paint job you just created will appear, so press to select it and apply it to the car.

    From the main Forza screen, choose Multiplayer, press to create a private match and to confirm. Once the vehicle selection screen opens, ensure that the car with the downloaded design is selected. At this point you will be in the lobby. Press to change the options to match these choices:
    Game Type: Drag
    Track: 2-player 1/4-mile drag
    Max Players: 2
    Max Drivatars: 1
    Drivatar Difficulty: New Racer
    Heats: 10
    Car Class: Any

    When you go back to the lobby, press to start the race. If you press as soon as the Post-Race screen appears, t will take approximately 4-5 minutes to complete the 10 heats, at which point you will be back in the lobby. Press to restart the process. You will need to complete a minimum of 100 heats and a maximum of 150 heats on each day. If you complete fewer than 100, you will get credit for zero. If you complete more than 150, you will get credit for 150. The official day for Forza 5 is based on the time zone for Turn 10, so it restarts at midnight GMT. You will need 315 heats to earn all of the design achievements, so the most efficient approach is to spread it over three days with 110 races each day.

    In game notifications of the credits earned should arrive around 1 am GMT in the Message Center. From the main menu, choose Message Center and press twice. A message titled "Design Award" is what you are looking for and will list how much money you made from designs the previous day. Any achievements will unlock upon reading the message.

  • If anyone wants to trade these design/paint achievements my GT is JBtorres
  • I'm up for this, my gamertag is: Chief DMG I'm not in a massive rush for it but would like them out of the way. I will put my stuff up for people to download and I will download their stuff as well. Follow me if anyone else is interested, thanks.
  • Mine are up. If you download I'll download yours. Or add me to swap. Shadow chief 3
  • Everyone add me & send me a message & we can trade to help both of use get towards the achievement GAMERTAG : Believedaxis660
  • I would also like to get these design-based achievements done, I'll download if you do. :) Gamertag is: HammerfellChick
  • Happy to trade with anyone needing this achievement My GT Is xMortarz I think ive got a few designs out there like the Nissan gtr and the koenigsegg so message me so we can help each other out :D
  • Anyone wanna trade this add my gt: HighGrade 91
  • search my designs and tuning set-ups. GT: x RyanMc message me back on this with your gamertag, the car design/tuning set-up and the car name cheers. Cars: 2011 BMW 1 SERIES M COUPE. Design and tuning set-up 2012 HENNESSEY VENOM GT. design and tuning set-up 1987 FERRARI F40. Design and tuning set-up 2003 RENAULT SPORT CLIO V6. Design and tuning set-up 2007 HONDA CIVIC TYPE-R. Design and tuning set-up CHEERS.
  • Need help with this one Please add me Toppsy92
  • Looking for all the community achievements add EliteAxileon plz
  • I'm going to try to help all of you guys. Meanwhile, I think it would be good if everyone could help each other, so that this achievement is less of a burden than it need to be.
  • Anyone want to help me get some of these Achievements? My Gamertag is: Holgeir You help me, I help You. I have shared many Tune setups, Paint Jobs, Designs and i have shared some Photos. To easy find all that i have shared, you just search ( holgeir ) and you`ll find all of my shared Tune setups, paint jobs and designs. Please contact me on Xbox One if you want to help me, and then i Help You.

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