Gone Viral Achievement

  • Gone Viral



    Get 100 downloads across all of your shared photos.

    To capture a photo, you can pause a race at any time and choose Photo Mode in the menu at the top of the screen. You can move the camera around as you wish and press to take a picture. For this achievement, I suggest taking 5-10 pictures. When you take the picture you will then need to press to save it and then to confirm that you are saving a new picture. You will be prompted for a unique file name and the share menu will appear. The two keywords are mandatory, and choose any text you wish to use, then choose "Share". At this point you can continue taking pictures or press to exit. When you are done with the race, exit out of the game and switch to a second profile.

    If you haven't created one on your Xbox One previously, you need an email address to do so, and Microsoft will give you one at no charge if you go to outlook.com. When you are signed in to your second profile you will need to load up Forza 5. Note that if you have never played Forza 5 on the second profile before, you will need to progress slightly in the campaign before it will let you exit to the main menu.

    From the main menu choose "Forza Gallery" and then select Search. Enter in the gamertag from your main profile under Creator, and you should see the 5-10 pictures you uploaded above. Press to download a picture, to go back to the picture list, and right on the to choose the next picture. When all of them have been downloaded, press until you are at the Forza game screen with the picture of the McLaren P1, sign out of the secondary account, and sign back in to your main profile. Now that each picture has been downloaded once by someone else, you can now download them yourself and have those downloads count. The most important detail is to back all the way out to the McLaren screen after downloading them. You can look at the progress bar on the bottom of the achievement in the Achievement App to track your progress, or merely keep going until the achievement notification pops up at the bottom of your screen.

  • Worst achievement in the game. Who clicks on photos to view them when you can see them when browsing a storefront anyway? This will need boosting I'll bet. Unless your photo is featured by T10 (rare, and you'd be very lucky) this won't be possible.
  • Wow what a stupid achievement, you can forget getting 1000 in this game unless you have a 100 buddies that are playing this and will help you. Worst achievement to get, who really downloads photos in this game ? What a joke.
  • (Further to my post at the top) I'll still 1000 point it, I have to... It's a Forza game. But here's some tips for those going for this achievement. I've noticed that photos with the most views are: -Glitches -Surreal or abstract (e.g, a car belndind in or camouflaging with the background or sky) -Funny or bizarre -Unbelieveable. (E.g WTF moments, and "how did he do that?") -Well edited (Added effects in the camera mode.) So if you can get a few of these points in to your photo, like you've found a funny glitch or moment or made some cool car artwork, you're more likely to get featured in a T10 pick or at least get more views than a boring, everyday photo. Failing that, as #2 says, you're gonna have to boost it. With an almost unlimited friends list on Xbox one, you ca
  • *CONTINUED* ...you can add lots of friends and then just MTAF asking them to go and take a look at your photo. I don't know if it has to be unique views or if the same person spam downloading the photo over and over will work, but it's worth a try. I hope these tips help.
  • If anyone is up for trading photo downloads follow me, my tag is: Chief DMG I will download your photos and you can download mine, cheers.
  • GT: itsir2u. Message me if you download mine, ill do the same for you!
  • i want to do it yeah !!!!!
  • Add me to boost this and other achievements. gt: Kitchwah
  • Looking to boost all these stupid download achievements. Gamertag is KrackinStrachan
  • Anyone looking to get this and the designs, tune setups, and paint job cheevos add GT: dwright79 these are going to take some serious boosting for me. Strangely enough I didn't get this game to paint cars or become an expert photographer. Ricky Bobby just wants to go fast
  • im down to help people out Gamertag JustinMasonSS
  • Me too gamertag sadisticlegend Sent me a message, ill dl yours aswell! Thanks guys Sadisticlegend
  • Everyone add me & send me a message & we can trade to help both of use get towards the achievement GAMERTAG : Believedaxis660
  • This is not a great achievement as it has nothing to do with skill or time put into the game. Without begging people to click on your photos or being selected as a top photo, you will never get this achievement. In most games you get the achievement just by taking the photo and uploading it. This almost seems like a spam achievement that is meant to get your friends to play the game to look at your photos. Keep the spam out of my achievements! My GT is KILLER JT
  • Add me and download mine, then message me and I'll do yours: Shadow Chief 3
  • Add me in guys and message me as well. Thanks. Gamertag: Mindtrix62
  • Couldn't you just upload 100 photos and have 1 person download 1 of each?
  • Looking to get this achievement as well. Gamertag is "The Daedalian" Message/add me and I'll help you earn this too, thanks!
  • Looking to get this achievement. Message me/add me and i'll download your photos.
  • Love to get this. GT is lankyjustin
  • Ok guys, just shared a photo, nothing amazing but something that can be downloaded now. Please search 'Berry2014' and download, for every download I get, I will return the favour and message you confirmation. We all want this done quickly so we can move on to the grinding missions so lets pull together and make this happen!
  • just do 22 photos and then get a friend to down load them in the game and that should be it I also looked at them on the forza5 web page when I went back to the game I had both achievements. you can also make another xbox live account it only have to be a silver then log in with that account and then go and play forza with it and down load you photos once done log out and then log in as your self go to the game and you should have the two achievement it worked for me.
  • FYI you can all just make an easy boost account and do it yourselves... Any account on the X1 is going to be gold if there is at least 1 account on that same X1 that is gold already... You can use that account to download 100 of the same photo as it doesn't have to be 100 different players
  • Also there's a delay on when it counts on your Primary account just quit the game and then just go back in after about an hour or so
  • i am voting and downloading from all the tags in the post as well. Feel free to add and help me too ;D my gamer tag is: GusZamboni
  • Add me to the list. Gamertag: TravisSch I have one photo on my account.
  • Also, message me if you want me to download your photos. GT: TravisSch I added a few more photos to my account!
  • gt Shanevolution. i can repay the favor if u need!
  • stupid chevo, i still needs lots of help on this, please download my photos. my GT is lankyjustin. Will repay the favor
  • download for download. gamer tag is thundercutter85 please help with this chevo!!! cheers guys
  • GT: Shanevolution. still need a bit more downloads. i can return the favor!
  • chnage in gamertag due to xbox thinking i was in the wrong country , now thundercutter17 please add and download ill return the favour for all....
  • trade if you want GT- CaLi ORaNGe x
  • Add me if you want to exchange and download each oters. GT- BR Camaron XX
  • Gt - Howling Mad Doc Up for racing / friends / trading.
  • Hi, my GT : koikinya Thx a lot !
  • GT: Splebs 1) From the main menu go to Forza Gallery 2) Press the Options button (back button if it was 360) to bring up the search menu 3) Near the bottom pick creator and enter: Splebs 4) Download all photos 5) Message me and if you helped with the achievement I'll download yours right back!
  • Hi need photos downloading too. Gt. KIT79 Will return the favour
  • GT: funkyfrog81 Please help and I'll happily return the favor.
  • Looking to boost for Colour of Money, Gone Viral and Artisan Tuner. Add me on XBL and we can exchange all the achievements. GT: xI JMiller Ix
  • GT: JCW60MINI Have some nice shots of supercars up, thanks for the help
  • Need help with this one Please add me Toppsy92
  • I could use some help with these "community" achievements. Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ST185 -- Tune set-up and design BMW 1 Series M Coupe -- Design I've got a photo to download too. GT: WelleRocks I will return the favor, Thanks.
  • You DO NOT actually require a second account for this achievement, simply search for the photos you made on your main account using your main account and download the images you have shared. Then simply back out to the Title screen with the McLaren P1 and press 'A' to load the game, then go back into the gallery and search for your pictures and re-download them and continue this process until your achievement pops. Simples! (ps. you can check your progress bar for this in the achievements)
  • Help needed, GT Saumur11689
  • Looking for someone to paint job achievement, pictures and the tune up achieves. Message me on XBL GT: xI JMiller Ix
  • It would be awesome if some of you could download my photos. I only have 5 up. I have downloaded from a bunch of you ^^^^ so would appreciate the help!! Thanks...
  • Still need this GT: JCW 60 MINI
  • Looking to get these achievements as well, please help a dude out! Gamertag is: "Huckin The Dubz" Will be downloading others photo promptly
  • If anyone could download a few of my photos I'd appreciate it. My gt is Darkness0079. I'll be looking through yours as well
  • Gonna need some help with this as well.... add me: popcornboy02
  • GT: ownmaker1337 photo name: rs7 rocket
  • I could use some help with the photos downloads.I'll return the favor to whoever needs it of course. Gamertag: I NELO I
  • GT: ownmaker1337 .please download all of my photos.. will return the favour
  • Please help with this. Message me anytime my GT: i IR0N MIKE. The 0 in IR0N is a zer . Thanks.
  • Looking to do this. GT: DevDestruction3 message me
  • I need help and I'll help with this. GT: HKTR2
  • Drazer76 I've got ten photos or so on my tag. If you guys could download them, I shall be returning the favour to anyone posting on here throughout Feb
  • Can you guys please download my photos? Gamertag: TorpedoCloud. Just message me when you have and i'll download yours. thanks.
  • Need help with this achiev guys..download my photos and i´ll help too.
  • Please help me with these community achievements, if u help me i will help add me gt is davidbartz thanks to anyone who helps , send me a message to say how u help and i will try and do the same help for u
  • Help me pls, download my photos and i'll download yours. My GT: BatekPL
  • Looking for partners to unlock this and other Multiplayer achievements GT: KimiHeBaStTSBS
  • I need this and can help others too add me as a friend when you download my photos send me a message and I will return the favor Gt Crackers82
  • Please help, i need this achievement. Just uploaded picture called TRON F40 Hope you like :)
  • Anyone want to help me get some of these Achievements? My Gamertag is: Holgeir You help me, I help You. I have shared many Tune setups, Paint Jobs, Designs and i have shared some Photos. To easy find all that i have shared, you just search ( holgeir ) and you`ll find all of my shared Tune setups, paint jobs and designs. Please contact me on Xbox One if you want to help me, and then i Help You.
  • My gamertag: M CHiEF2511 Help me and i help you

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