Rarified Air Achievement

  • Rarified Air



    Complete the Spring Break, Red and Bleu!, and Snake Bit achievements.

    This achievement will unlock when you have unlocked these three zero point achievements: "Spring Break", "Red and Bleu!", and "Snake Bit". See the achievement guides for those individual achievements for details.

  • Note: Spring Break, Red and Bleu! and Snake Bit are "challenge" achievements worth 0 gamerscore.
  • @1 How come challenges for Xbone games aren't listed on the site, only achievements? =(
  • WTF they have achievements that are based on earning challenges? So much for keeping them separate! This means that this game will be impossible to get 1,000 on after these challenges end.
  • @3 How do you know the challenges referred to the achievement are time based?
  • Because all challenges are time based. That's the point of the challenges.
  • hmm i second #3 WTF. Seems mighty against the grain of what I at least was lead to believe. An achievement that requires challenge completion to obtain, hardly separate. And whilst there is perhaps a glimmer of hope that any challenge that's needed for an achievement would not be time sensitive,Or if it was game Devs could add another challenge at a later date that would grant the same achievement. if it does indeed expire this is gonna be a very unpopular set up. Whilst im all for playing games just for fun. I have in the past turned down admittedly older cheap games purely because they now have unobtainable achievements. Servers taken down, Auction house function removed due to exploitation etc Only a day till we can see for ourselves, Let the forums tremble at the uproar an
  • @ 3 & 6 - Challenges that are built into the disc won't be time based. If they were, they would make the achievements redundant. Hence the fact that these are shipped on disc, and as such would have an unlimited time frame. Those without Xbox LIVE would not receive new challenges. These are just some challenges to get you started while you wait for the devs to add more to the game.
  • I am level 3 with 4 different car manufactures and still didn't get the affinity lvl 1 achievement anyone have the same problem ??
  • @ #3 They're just like normal achievements just worth zero gamerscore. Challenges are other time based things to go after.
  • @9 Thanks for your input but we had already worked that out after getting our consoles. The posts before were speculation before the console & game were released. The achievements in question are the same as the timed challenges, but these ones are 'built into the game' as it were, so they are not timed and can be earned at any point.
  • these challenges arent on there yet wonder when we will get them?
  • Achievement Guide you will be able to unlock this its not based off challenges that have a time limit its just badges in the game !!! http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?p=6118942#post6118942
  • how to set up race for snake bit one ....

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