Forza Triple Crown Achievement

  • Forza Triple Crown



    Complete the Le Mans Gold, Grand Prix Gold and Indy Gold achievements.

    This achievement will unlock when you have unlocked these three zero point achievements: "Le Mans Gold", "Grand Prix Gold", and "Indy Gold". See the achievement guides for those individual achievements for details.

  • ok i can confirm the Grand Prix Gold is Earn a gold medal in a modern grand prix car on yas marina full circuit
  • Achievement Guide you will be able to unlock this its not based off challenges that have a time limit its just badges in the game !!!
  • You're going to need a modern grand prix car, which is currently 6 million credits (which is also currently the reward for being in Tier 6 of Forza Rewards on the Forza website).
  • Get this one for free in freeplay use #1 Chevy DW12 on indianapolis oval track get badge at end of race,

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