Down to the Wire Achievement

  • Down to the Wire



    Pass for the lead and win on the last lap of a Multiplayer circuit race

    This is most easily done with a single Drivatar, and must be done in Multiplayer.

    From the main Forza screen, choose Multiplayer, press to create a private match and to confirm. Once the vehicle selection screen opens, choose any car you prefer. At this point you will be in the lobby, so press to change the options to match these choices:
    Game Type: Circuit Race
    Environment: Indianapolis
    Track: Indianapolis Oval
    Max Players: 2
    Max Drivatars: 1
    Drivatar Difficulty: New Racer
    Laps: 2
    Damage: Cosmetic
    Collision Mode: Always Off
    Car Class: Any

    Start the race up and stay behind the other car. Once you start the second lap, pass the Drivatar and come in first. The achievement will unlock once you cross the finish line.


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