Grand Prix Gold Achievement

  • Grand Prix Gold



    Earn a gold medal in a modern Grand Prix Car on Yas Marina Full Circuit

    This achievement is earned in Free Play using a modern Grand Prix Car. From the main menu choose Free Play and in the menu choose "Select Track". Navigate to Yas Marina Circuit and choose the Full Circuit configuration. Then go to "Select Car" and choose the 2013 Lotus E21. Select "Game Options" and set Game Type to Circuit Race, Drivatars to 1, Drivatar Difficulty to New Racer, and Laps to 1.

    Start the race and you will easily come in first, unlocking this achievement.

    Note that the 2013 Lotus E21 is the most expensive vehicle in the game and is the only Modern Grand Prix car available. If you don't have the money to purchase it, or don't wish to spend the money, there is currently a way to rent it even though typically it is not available for rent. To do this, follow the instructions above and when you get to selecting your vehicle, choose Rent Car and press on the first choice. This will drop you back to the Freeplay setup screen. Choose Select Car again, and this time go to Buy Car. Scroll to the 2013 Lotus E21, press to buy the car but at the Recommended Designs screen, press three times. This will drop you back to the Freeplay setup screen again, but you will have the 2013 Lotus E21 as your rental. This is a bug in the game and may be patched at some point. If it is patched, you will need to purchase the Lotus to obtain this achievement.

  • Easy way to get this, I happened upon it by chance, is to do Rivals Time Attack X999 Class. Select Yas Marina Full, and the Lotus E21 Formula One car, and set a clean lap. Achievements popped for me after Finishing the laps and going to the payout screen.
  • I love how this isnt fixed in December 2015 XD maybe they wanted it to be accessible like this
  • so which car is the most expensive in the game? this is the third cheevo description that claims that car is the most expensive car in the game!

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